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  1. For level 6, max heal as you can heal over 100 if you are even moderately amped (which is more than what most level 6s can hit)
  2. Why do you always act like you're a mod or something He isn't breaking the rules by posting this suggestion
  3. Zanthius


    If it wasn't like this, arena would be so slow
  4. "so he start" doesn't make sense
  5. I agree that the range and cooldown should be nerfed, maybe like 30-40 seconds and 5 yard range. But honestly some people are too stupid to play their classes You guys need to learn when to use your stuns, and use the correct skills at the right times. For instance, I lost to a druid because he rooted, ran and healed when I used counter. When root ran out he would use either tornado or the new skill, so I was stunned most of the fight and counter was completely useless. A smart warlock I fought used the statue skill when I activated counter. It's all about timing and changing your order of skill usage when going against different enemies.
  6. Rush = Only works properly if you put points in it Shield skill = Is only powerful if you put points in it Counter attack = Only OP if you put points in it And it is not possible to max all of these at once, so be quiet.
  7. Why would you admit this on forums
  8. Nice stats Apocrypha. And lol at Veramicar being a d*ck in world chat
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