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  1. Im so tired of the immigrants bombarding my server's world chat with their ancient drawings and taking up all the space in the tournaments.The chinese are TOO much and TOO powerful.They take our bosses,they take our guilds,they sell their cheap items and destroy our economy. Enough is enough We must do SOMETHING to get rid of the chinese from taking over our server,maybe remove every account created in china or make their own server and migrate all of their characters their instead of them overflooding the US servers The chinese problem is REAL and we must do something NOW before it's too late
  2. Hahahah gm delete all my post about bd being op,hahaahha stupid devs,u know bd is op and ur just ignoring what everybody is saying and delete their post,these guysssss hahaa
  3. This game's developers are doing all the wrong this,shaman totem,bd counterattack? These skills are too strong
  4. Druids have multiple stun and disable skills and u say they suck?what are u talking about?
  5. This is crazy,the GM are really not caring about mc,and give elf these overpowered expert skills
  6. These developers are pissing everybody off,even me,STOP IGNORING US AND DO SOMETHING,the bladedancer is duckling OVERPOWERED as duckking shit and guys havent done jack ass shit about it,aigrind is a failed company,too many devs there are just sitting back laughing as they know 100% that this is some stupid crap,THEY KNOW THAT THESE CLASSES ARE OP,they probably use them 24/7 killing mcs then give them a shitty ass unnecessary nerf,really though,they nerf the necro but give a damage buff to bladedancers?JUST LOOK AT HOW FISHY THIS IS,nerf necro best skill,i dont even have a necro and i think it was the dumbest nerf ever,bladedancers have yet to receive a good nerf,this game is COMPLETELY unbalanced
  7. Now go attack a bladedancer with his counterattack skill on,level 4/4 u die without him attacking u,bds can hamstring(poison)(immobilize)(silence) all of that in 1 skill,and its not even an expert skill,bds have that shield,and even that rush skill that taunts,detects rogues,and a chance of stun,DO NOT TELL ME THAT THE BLADEDANCER CLASS IS BALANCED,that means u either are really dumb,or just use an op ass bd to own everyone
  8. Wow,great job GM,u really done it now,bds have even MORE damage,and druids have another stun,this is just ridiculous,u stupid developers don't even know the meaning of OVERPOWERED(OP) do u? U give the elves an even greater advantage against the legion forces,this is ducking ridiculous,u all should stop working on the skills and go make the forsaken quest easier,because at the moment,the sentinels level up faster because they have easier and shorter quest lines,just look at the stupid dice quest when u travel across the map looking for some dice,this game is going to shit for all legion players,and u devs just made it worse,i cannot wait for this game to die out already,this ridiculous pay-to-win game,yeah i said it,this game is a pay to win! U pay real money,u get strong,and dont even reply to me saying,oh it takes time to get items but eventual u will get it,because it will literally take around a year to get really good armor and weapons without paying,because u cant amp +5 or up without using signs,so developers,im gonna say whats on my mind,this game used to be good,even when u had to pay to play every month,now its just a horrible mess,please read all of the above,as it is the truth,and u CANNOT AVOID THE TRUTH
  9. Yes please,its imposible to do chainless now with all these ducking camping elves blocking the ducking way
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