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  1. Use dictionary, I hope you'll understand what "REPUTATION" means.. The word could be applied in both virtual and real lives we have. Don't become one of those fat clowns. I believe you can work with that, aye? *salutes*
  2. [Covielo's Gingerbread] For the fair maiden.. Careful with the sweets! I saw the Owl and the Eagle.. Are they trick or treating too? *chuckles*
  3. Or me? The Vera of Z.. *mocking laughter* Trick me or treat me.. Just give me my candy, Lady Livi. *vanishes*
  4. It's a shame that I don't have much of time to play as I used to. I'm only getting excited with taking Screenshots of the maps.. Have a great time with the rides, brave ones.. *skeletal thumbs up* I want to ride that Merry-Go-Round Skeletal Horses though.. "Giddyap!" Exciting preview, Great Ones.. Gratitude.
  5. Love to, but can't.. *plays "We Will Rock You" by Queen* Gladiator.. *vanishes*
  6. Just passing by.. Err.. Cyber, maybe? *vanishes*
  7. Of course I know such games myself. I'm just shocked that time when he thought that WS is a Dungeon-raid based MMORPG nowadays where you miss the actual adventure with the entire environment. It's just not like that, so I was: "Say what?" *chuckles*
  8. Had the same experience, While teaching some buddies on how to play: Someone was swiping his screen. (Trying to explore the map.) Someone was looking for skill tree. (Planning which prerequisite skill must be studied.) Someone was actually had potential, but nahh.. (She doesn't know how quests work.) Someone was looking for auto-attack. (Wut?) Someone said "Oh, it's like the Zelda my dad used to play." (Hmm.. sort of. But no.) And I thought, maybe Warspear isn't for them. As Great One Snorly said, the game is outdated. New Gen players will have a hard time for sure. In my ca
  9. Don't mind the Skull guy, I just want to be on the last page if this will be closed up. Though I doubt it will be. Hmm, beats me.. Maybe, Lady Livi? *vanishes*
  10. One of Legion's reason to switch faction is with the item drop, where they could obtain an unusable rare equips. I guess the Great Ones must do the same on the opposing faction for the sake of balance. A unique weapon access update for rogues, a "Katar" for example, could settle the unfairness of the situation if it will turn to be completely useless to Sentinels. ( Incoming angry kids.. *casts Dark Shield* ) ( Edited [savage Shield] skin ) Leaving the imbalanced Alliances stuff, Good changes concerning war could be, as stated somewhere, a specific map for Battle for Territories where it coul
  11. Forgive my absence this past days, Sands in my hourglass has limits. Every step must be done with haste. Don't expect my future visits. Indeed, I'm facing a parchment. Must cover it with colored inks. You're all curious at this moment. How about I give you a glimpse? It will be finished soon enough, The Shadow Owl may do his stuff. (Decastich, 8 Syllables)
  12. It's one of the great things that happened during my childhood, and I can't seem to forget it. I'm always a Dranzer guy and Dranzer V is my favourite design. Sorry for posting off-top. *grins*
  13. But oh well, his name is William O'Well. They call him Will, and he will willingly wield the wealthy wielder's well for his well being.
  14. Can't help it. Forgive me. *grins*
  15. You know nothing of agony, I'm a knight who loses his horse. Like a thorn piercing my body, It hurts to lose my dear Black Rose. This time will come eventually, Accept that she's forever lost. But I am glad that now she's free. Noso will be under this post. (Octave, 8 Syllables)
  16. You're expecting someone, instead I came. Here, we always think we're all so mighty. The other world we live is not a game, That world is what we call "reality". One who could not believe that God was He, Heed my summon for I call upon thee. (Sestet, 10 Syllables)
  17. I brought her mortal remains in Moraktar, great Gladiator. Aye.. she passed away. But not for long.. Soon she'll rise up again. From Dark Horse, she'll become Death Horse. Indeed it is cruel, but worry not. If it's against her will, then the revival will fail. Hmm, Crimson Sparrow? I know what you meant of course *grins*
  18. No signs of her.. But I'm here, fair maiden. *smiles* ♦ Yellow ♦ Highlight it..
  19. There will be a bunch of CosFail entries.. Which will be fun part. *grins* Inquisitor's Vestment, by the way *chuckles*
  20. The "Bass Man" is not around.. Is Cocktail with M somewhere near?
  21. Vera_Z


    Yeah, you got a point there. But I still believe Stalin's death had no effect on American civil war. Instead, the conspiracy theories that were formed during the cold war played a crucial part in the development of today's agriculture. I disagree. As you may know, Polar Bears are becoming as thin as snowflakes. So I suggest that the cowboys must ride the winged T-rex so the Skynet will make the frogs eat grass. It will be better, too, if donuts play bass guitar while making Asian rice as their mounts..
  22. Oh, so that's it, eh? I thought.. Well, I'll still assume that an "Espadon" boss will appear in Azure Shallows. You can't stop me. *grins*
  23. Well, I guess you all expected too much.. Hmmkay, I guess I have to take a nap once more.. Please wake me up if it's already fixed. Maybe it'll take and hour or two, or worse.. Thank *yawn* you.. brave warrio... zZZ
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