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  1. *waves a ham* Do we have a legit name for our beloved tavern or it's an inn named "TAVERN"?
  2. Added! Gratitude for suggesting these ones. *thumbs up*
  3. Why was this dungeon cancelled again?
  4. Oh, that! Well, you see.. Uhmm, thing is.. Arrghh, great! I knew someone will ask that. You want to see me stumble upon trouble, eh Arena Guy? No words about this one, hmmkay? Guys? Promise me! *sigh* Here we go..
  5. Nahh, you guys are exaggerating again. Well, I think the images did the work.. *grins* Just so you know, the idea started when me and my brothers are arguing about Warspear's logic. I can't remember the very first but it came from something like. "Who would buy a copper bar with 250 gold coins? Seriously." and "I wonder how thin Arinar's gold coin is. I mean, 1 gold bar = 750 gold coins. Maybe they mistook 'bar' from 'block'." and so on until we talked about how players earn their gold. Heh, I'm just a guy with free time. Nothing special. Oh, and thanks by the way. It's good to see Tavern's
  6. Well, one can be all of that. *chuckles* Ohh, Miracle Man and Crafts Master, eh? So tell me.. (did you got the beard too?) *laughs* By the way, regarding your question last time. I tried to find you but I can't seem to spell your name right, and.. No, I don't have plan on selling this one. You know what I mean, right? Let's just say it has.. "Sentimental Value" *smiles*
  7. Greetings, brave one.. How do you fancy this Tavern? Aye, the stench is alarming, but what can we do? We are full of hot-headed adventurers and thugs where their smell all mixed up. But you'll get used to it.. Moraktar, where I came, is far worse. Come sit, lad. Join me here at my table. I just have one question to ask. See this crown? Hm, hm.. Faceless', made of gold. I just want to know.. How do you earn your gold? Are you.. "Mucha Butcha" (The Farmer) If you are one of the brave warriors who spend most of the time out there hacking some monster's head and collect it's valuables.
  8. Happy Holidays ! Ohh, still got some of those? [Holiday Ham] *casts Threads of Darkness on juicy meat* Have a wonderful ending and beginning of thy year.. Now please excuse me, I got "ham-thing" to do. *chuckles* *vanishes*
  9. Well, great! I finished two [skull-shaped Popcorns]. Oh, not making myself "off-top".. But truth be told, reading complaints of other players are.. uhh.. entertaining. For me of course. You will either agree or disagree with someone, then come up with an idea. +1 to Complaints Section. Reading arguments / debates / fights? are interesting. *claps* As for me, I have no complains yet.. very satisfied so far. I only appreciate the graphics and designs of the game, so.. PvP doesn't interest me. Yeah, boring stuff. I'm not a competitive player anyway. *grins*
  10. The "guess list" is getting wider. Who is the great seer? Family of this topic gets bigger. I'm very glad, my dear. To see this post goes on, My gratitude to Lady Diamond. Make a guess 'til dawn, And more pages beyond. Now who will it be, Ah, the name I always see. I summon Molotow.. Show thy name below !
  11. Ehe, good to see that this topic is still alive. Oh, Cheshire Panchen is below.. Gimme zum grinning stuff! *grins*
  12. Of course I did these kinds of work. Okay, I'll tell you why I'm desperate. I was trying to make an animation with a certain boss.. but it seems like all my SS and recordings have damage points on their faces (front view) when they're attacking. I can work with a side-view battles but it limits my imagination so I ended giving up. Hmm, You do sketches right? You may know the frustration of a "lacking detail". *chuckles* Ehe, this is just a small suggestion anyway.. solely for personal purposes. It's not that useful so I'm not keeping my hopes up *grins*
  13. Well, there are some cases that I wanted to take a screenshot of once-per-character moments or just a certain scenario like, killing a boss, per se.. After defeating the creature, or in my case, during a battle with the "long-life".. I wanted the numbers all done for. I know it's not that useful nor necessary and may seem selfish.. but hey, I wanted the whole details of the image for.. you know, illustrations and stuff.. oh, and for memories too. Most of the photos of my "battle with a boss" moments are just satisfying to see. Except there's a number on his/her/it's face, or my
  14. Not so fast, Arena Guy.. *casts Threads of Darkness"
  15. Not a lord.. But one of Darkness' children. Hmm, *scratches chin* I reviewed the old scrolls and indeed found my name on the summons.. Apologies for my absences and failure to answer the summoning.. The realm of the reality doesn't seem to favor me with time. Anyway, it seems that the Shinobi of the Owl Clan wants an audience with me. State thy concern, dear friend. And I'll give answers in the hourglass' mercy.. *vanishes*
  16. There is only one thing I desire. While hearing the red & white snow's cry. Gold doesn't interest me, good sire. Even coins of miracle, if you try. I've been on a rotten land for too long. What I want is a wonderful song. It doesn't come through strings nor drum. Even a great bard can't match it's hum. I desire a maiden's heart. When will the songs of feelings start? I pulled out a skull, Attached with a bell.. I'm just a forsaken doll, I shook the chimes of hell. I'll never hear that song again. To her, I can only stare.. 'til the end.
  17. [Princess' Head] I found this along the way.. Is she you're waiting for? Poor, maiden.. Her body might be inside one of the Workshops. By the way.. I'm looking for someone who's excited with Red & White Holiday as me *smirks* *vanishes*
  18. Yeah.. Well, behead the T, I _ Now, sew the head and the toe.. then let it stand. V Perfect.. "V" for "Vanish". Heh, someone who missed me *grins* *vanished*
  19. I attempted to reply this in Reality Realm while at the office. Unfortunately, I'm caught. Darn that my vanishing skill doesn't work there.. Oh well, apologies for the late response, Great One.. *scratches head* Anyways, Cat Guy Panch.. As Great One Peter_Munk, said.. *vanishes*
  20. *creaking laughter* Suit yourself Arena Guy.. That name wouldn't fit any better with others anyway.. Let's see.. The Sage guy didn't responded, so.. Owl Guy maybe? *vanishes again*
  21. Nope, Skull Guy.. Hmm, Sage Guy? *vanishes*
  22. Wel, huw bout teh #1 vanishur? Hey, thats pretty cool actually.. "Vera The Vanisher" *chuckles* Wait what? Vitamin BT *vanishes*
  23. Oh wait, quest items aren't actually boosters realizing that the gathered reputation should be increased than usual in the same day of collecting tasks. I just realized that, apologies. But still.. Oh well, you're cash anyway. *shrugs*
  24. I'm not saying that the suggestion is bad. I'm just sad that people are so impatient that even their reputation must be rushed.. Okay, so remove the logic since similar items have been made and create such item. Use it and voila! A reputation booster. Another item for a Miracle coiner. I guess the quest items in Mcoin Shop for Ayvondil tasks aren't enough boost for rich dudes, so.. yeah.
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