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  1. Much gratitude, Great One. My Provocation is back in action then.. *nods*
  2. Darn, Arinar monsters are smart now.. *chuckles* Maybe support teammates must do light healing or constant "aggression decline". But, does agro-bonus from aggression skill stacks? I mean, if the tank spams taunt, will it increase the bonus enough to make healers safe? Or I got the system all wrong? *laughs*
  3. Ah, yes.. yes. Please, surprise us. Old ones will do, but preferably new bosses with their costumes as rewards. Gratitude, sire. Though I think it'll be a tough battle before we can even summon the boss of the last trial. But given time, I'm sure things will be great. *salutes*
  4. My thanks! It's an old one.. I'm planning to make a new one for my shaman.. Cus I be learnin' da way of da elements and da power of dis totems.. I'll miss the rank, of course.. rank of the knights, that is. *salutes* Hmm, Will it always be Nab-Shiggy-shiggy as the boss? I hope more bosses will invade soon. *rubs palms* EDIT: Great job by the way, Great Ones!
  5. Take thy time Great Ones.. *salutes* Finally.. I will be able see the sky of Arinar. Gratitude! *raises mug* (coffee)
  6. Hah! My thanks. So you haven't been here before? Aye, the table I used there is dusty now. Still making me smile though. *smiles* Good day to you Higgy. *knight salute*
  7. Proud Forsaken knight of death. *casts Dark Shield* A friend from Sapphire realm, come forth. *casts Death Call*
  8. This lone skeleton is always somewhere in the darkness, watching.. vanishing. Or maybe.. already on the light, as a blood guardian, in a different realm. It crush my heart that I didn't say my proper farewell in game.. I never knew you were waiting. Dear brother.. your words wound deeply, as deeper the Labyrinth's level. You've said the same exact words my heart carries and my tongue fail to speak. I'm sure our path will cross again sometime.. And aye, I will miss our conversations and the annoyance in the system severing our long-created chats, where our sentences sound stupid if
  9. The spirit of your ancestors dances with pride. I do hope that the brave ones who's trapped into the flames of their hatred will soon heed your words and accept the Great Ones' decisions as you did. To blazes with this talk.. I sounded like Berengar himself! Heh.. I know you'll try again on the next one and may the lady of fortune smile upon you. Now, we end this breaking of words before that hammer hits us.. hmmkay? Farewell. *vanishes*
  10. I see.. this time zone confuses me, brother.. Or was it because of the wine? *snorts* I still raise my cup for you.. though it appears you did not become a victor. *face saddens*
  11. No problem at all. Err.. anime world? Hmm, doesn't ring a bell. Hm.. hmm. Aye, ne'er been on such realm before, sire. *scratches chin* Apologies.
  12. *hiccup* By the Heavenly Brothers.. I'm out of wine. Where is Panchen when you need him? *hiccup* Hey it's 8th of May here.. greet thy mom's, brave ones. Hmm? Out of topic? Aye, apologies.. wait, wah? Hammer? Err.. Grats again winners! *grins*
  13. Why am I not surprised? *claps* Congratulations to all the winners! And the top 3, I knew it all along.. darn sellswords. Heh. Just kidding. *chuckles* The thread is long.. I'll assume it's about the winners? Can't be helped, I guess? Well then, I raise my cup.. and read the comments.
  14. Arena Guy is right.. but here's your cookies. *grins*
  15. Sellswords on the run! *chuckles* Great entry.. and yea, the nervousness is there. Best of luck sis. *thumbs up* Well, That's what she said, Mike.. heh.
  16. One raging snowman coming your way. Hah! Those sentinels got frostbitten.. I enjoy your commentaries and.. Aye, better in fullscreen. *grins* "Get away from me, stop touching me." Then I saw your signature. *thumbs up*
  17. Ho-ho.. Familiar people. You really are ready for any contest, brother. Won't be surprised if you'll win again. Best of luck! *raises mug*
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