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  1. Skull! *eyes widened* Is that skull, on the cape? Ehe, Great design. *thumbs up*
  2. Ahoy matey! I like that wriggly beardy. *chuckles* Perfect for Azure Shallow expansion. I like it! *touches imaginary beard*
  3. Ehe, thank you guys. I know, i know. Give others a chance. But please, just this once. Should I bag the 1st place rewards, I won't participate in the next artist contest. I feel the number of contestants grow thin. Even most players doubt Great Ones' judgement. *sighs* Well, *raises mug* Great fortune be with all participants. May lady Luck smile to them as she always smile to me.
  4. Great Ones, please aid me. Regarding my entry. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/57496-death-judge/ Before I started, I made [Lord of the Ice Charms] as my maximum base size because it might be the largest costume existing in the game. I counted it's width just now and found out that it is 26 pixels. I just want to know if I have to modify my entry so that I could meet the required size. Much obliged for your assistance. *grins*
  5. I thought you guys might be interested. I only used paint.
  6. I'll try to make this post short, so you can save your tomatoes for dinner. I present my entry, Death Judge. DESIGN: Aye, skull. You know me, so that should be expected. *chuckles* Skeletal breastplate, red coat, all that villain stuff. The costume is barber-friendly so some of your hair are exposed and you can still be unique even if there's more of the same costume. I'll just share my thoughts, so you can skip this part. See, the idea started with the eyes. Here's the tale, you might know the Grim Reaper, but not his cousin, the judge. What does it do? Well, it will decide the demis
  7. Err.. will this do? Ehe, just kidding. SIze exceeded, and first of all.. "Copyright Infringement" *laughs* I'll probably join. Most will hate me. *grins* Apologies. *bows head*
  8. The first one is convincing..The second one is interesting. *rubs chin* Edit: Oh, the image is epic by the way..
  9. This is indeed going to be warm.. *rubs palms* Err.. What's up with owls, Great One Peter? *grins*
  10. Maybe "Trial by Fire" means there will be stages similar to previous villain's "prophecy" my brother. But who knows? *taps shoulder*
  11. But.. but.. Aww, I'm knitting this sweater for nothing. *throws yarns away*
  12. Any Overlord fans? オーバーロード (close enough)
  13. Trick or treat, Great Ones. *grins* Take your time setting up the circus. *salutes*
  14. Splendid! *snaps fingers* I'm delighted by the news, Great One. I'm ready to meet this nobleman. *hides wooden stake* Oh, and please send my regards to uncle Sam.. He will be missed. *salutes* (I cracked at "vegetarians")
  15. Six times.. *smirks* I'm eager to know those countesses, or however they are addressed as. I hope this Count has a better love story than that extortionist who sparkles during daylight. *chuckles*
  16. Ho-ho.. So that's why. *laughs*
  17. [Repost] I've used enough of this skill.. To know where my threads are going. *grins* P.S. For research purpose. No offense. Just testing some relic's effectiveness, that's all. *chuckles*
  18. *laughs* I had it empty earlier so I thought you were serious. A'ight, I'll repost it. "Art knows no boundaries" anyway. Besides, I'm just using a skill, right? *smirks* Here we go..
  19. Is it fine to post it here? *chuckles* I don't want to offend anyone.. Especially our maidens out there. *grins*
  20. [Removed] Woops, inappropriate post. I forgot about the kids. Apologies.*scratches head* Have this instead. *grins*
  21. The mighty Zeus has fallen.. .. asleep. Great One Peter! *salutes*
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