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  1. So its mean lv23-24 will not get serpent costume =-O omg. if can get i better not lv to lv24 :!
  2. Themercs 30 members fight with elixirph with 40mamber Can reach 800k :[
  3. Huh 0_o o_0 no special comment for us-shappire elixirph vs themercs ! Its 800k gp lol cmon xD
  4. Why always elves skil? First is priest skill and now druid skill? So when mc skill get fix? 1. Rogue new skill ! How can a meleee class can atck in 5yards with 10s cooldown! Its not fair 2. Shaman new skill (magic shield) wtf that shield atack 300-450 magic/sec! IS SHAMAN a healer, a tanker? attacker? =-O :-D? With 4skill attack =-O =D 3. Barbarian new skill can recive 600-1000 HP =-O LOL! ITS LIKE USING POTION!
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