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  1. hmm from how i understand the situation its like you bought his suit for 5.7k gold?



    you got the suit right?



    so why do you want to ban him? sell it to sulla for 10k like he said


    Its not the same suit. :facepalm:

    And if i knew i would pay 5.7k g from the beginning, i wouldnt do it... then i would buy one myself for MC ;)


    But I guess ur right


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:





    lololol funny story, but i think Icebarbarian is right  :crazy:



    Lol you must pay more atention ..  :facepalm:



    yeah but u know im a newbie  ;)

  3. Dont know where to post it, noone does on Emerald either lol



    Okay, i dunno where to start, but lets take it from the beginning.          ...Yesterday...

    It all started when I was questing on 2nd island, then a Barbarian called Icebarbain (lvl 13 if that will help) came to me and needed 500 gold, for gear I suppose, he was nude. He said he would give it back, but I dont trust things like that, so he said I would have a Berengar Suit in my bag untill I got the money back. Then I looked on the suit and wanted it:

    -I can buy the suit from you instead, I said.

    -Okay... but i want more gold then, 200 more.

    -Okay then!

    I bought it from him for 700 gold, that was very cheap i thought but didnt think about it more.

    (thats 1st and 2nd SS)

        afterwards i got dc  :blush:


    Some hours later, I farmed gold and did some quests and leveled up to lvl 13, I met Sulla, Marcin and some other guys and they helped me with some bosses. We talked about the Drogon's guard suit, and Sulla wanted it so badly, he would offer me 10k g for it  :shok: . I said I would think about it.


    I left the party, because I didnt need more help and saw Icebarbain online.

    -Hey man, do you need more gold? I said.

    -Yes, what do you want? Icebarbain said.

    -I think the Drogon's guard Suit is cooler.

    -How much do you want to pay me for it? He said then.

    -2,5k g?

    -Okay, meet me in Nadir-Sard

    (this is 3rd SS)


    We went there and I asked if he had the Suit. He said he got it on other acc and wanted the money first. Okay, i thought and gave him the 2,5k g. He bought gear directly. He said his character on the other acc (Torz lvl 1 rogue) were close to the Berengar guards. At that point I didnt think about the lvl 1 because i thought it was a bug, cause i have never met him before.

    I was waiting in the cave for 20 minutes or something, didnt see Torz anywhere. He logged in on Icebarbain and said:

    -Hey man, can you come to Puma Camp? I need more money. He wanted all my money and I didnt have much more left(2772 gold left)

    I went there and he said he would giv eme 2 suits and 2.5k g back, then I was suspicious, but foolish as I am I gave him 2.4k g.

    (4th SS)



    -Give me more, he said. And i gave him 100 more (i have SS on that too).

    -Okay, my brother gonna give u the money and suits, Icebarbain said. Eeh okay, I thought and waited for another 10 minutes.

    After that he said: -You scammed me and bought Berengar Suit for 700 gold, now its fair deal for 5,7k g.


    Then i understood i was scammed.





    All that i want to know is, can you (dev or Admin) do anything about this? The money back to me and suit/MC back to him or ban???






    Fooled player







  4. Kuzmitch, can i buy MC? i wanna help u guys :give_rose: , it is a gr8 game, the only things that need to be fixed is:


    *HP/MP regen; very slow tbh :facepalm:

    *Druid/Shaman; they are kinda Nerfed! healing spell is good thou (almost too good :blush: )

    *Mobs HP; they have more hp than i have! Its just annoying :wacko:



    Love the new graphics and the loading thingy when i pick flowers  ;D

    It looks like im the only one that like this update  :crazy:



    Peace man,


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