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  1. you should be wise before trading specially when mc items is at stake you should make a screenshot then report it to support
  2. hmmm should i get a french fries and pepsi cola guyz :shok: looks like theres a misunderstanding again i wonder how far this will go :aggressive:
  3. Miracle coins is the currency to buy IAP items and to help funding of aigrind Most important is you need miracle coins to be strong in a instant no offence to aigrind im just telling what i experienced in this game
  4. ryn i want a death knight sig too ::)
  5. I shall support this post
  6. Pinoyz


    Hmmm on my personal opinion i doubt knoxy will do that no offense
  7. Pinoyz


    Mabuhay kabayan im just new here im playing mc too :friends:
  8. It would be nice if you guyz post your opinions too If all things dont work well and starts some drama then i should go back to wom
  9. This is my personal opinion I dont mind if you kill my char even if my party do bg :) we are playing on opposite factions since we cant play on a same faction fighting cant be avoided and i hope there will be no drama about being killed by friends For me fof is a family not a clan of one faction only some family members play forsaken and some play chosen it would be great if we play altogether on a same faction but everyone is free to choosego where he/she will be happy. Just think of this for example you like miami heat and your brother like oklahoma thunder, even you both like two different teams you are still.brother and sister and a family.
  10. slay is right candy since we play in opposite faction we cant avoid to kill each other :aggressive: but despite of that we are all friends ;D it just crossed my mine but how about make the subject "Friends of Faith Family Book" 8)
  11. can you kindly give us estimate time of maintainance sir kxs
  12. lol its ok knoxy thats my bday gift for you :friends: we can kill each other ;D lets just play and have fun
  13. I agree lets just have fun even if we kill each other when our path crossed :)
  14. me and kai know candy guyz we met her in wom @candy we play at emerald server not US and we play at forsaken side
  15. Guyz is there a lvl12 warlock set in 2nd island? Can someone buy me a warlock staff lvl12 ::)
  16. I gave up ryn ive been gathering tustan for 2 hrs forsaken quest is much better
  17. Im not quite sure but way back when im still active at this game usually it takes 2-3 hours before the game will be accessible again
  18. Yo who can lend me a warlock recruit set :friends:
  19. Server is down i think its update
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