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  1. Sad, but it’s the truth... I feel the same. Well, since vampirism bonus was add to the game, healers are no longer indispensable in group tasks... At least druids, shamans and necromancers have decent stuns ... And priest not. So, most of the priest players are switching to damage classes or simply quit playing. Let's be positive and wait for good changes for the priests!
  2. Agreed. That's why priest is becoming so unpopular... This class need changes like an effective stun and a rebuild of “word power”. When the maximum level was lvl 20 it was an effective skill mainly against casters. But with a high mana regeneration of lvl 30 gear plus guild mana regeneration, even on 5/5, nowadays, enemys can regenerates their mana so fast that the ability has no effect. I think the skill should remove a percentage of mana AND a percentage of maximum mana for some time. I can't wait for this update! Cheers
  3. Priest has few damage skills and no stun skills (exhausting burden is almost useless cuz you need to combo with armistice and you can't attack the enemy) So, this new skill could have a bigger target area...
  4. Bounce

    Priest's skills

    Hmm I guess not. I’m a priest and I can guarantee that skill (redemption) can remove stuns (like druid’s roots, bladedancer's harmstring, crystal of stun effect for example). That's the reason I got surprised when I runned Garden mythical and redemption didn't work. Maybe it’s a kind of bug, idk
  5. Nothing better than playing during quarantine... Stay at home! Avoid crowds (in game events it's okay haha) Happy Easter and enjoy spring event!
  6. Hello! Can I show the phone's screen when I am playing or just warspear logo is allowed?
  7. Bounce

    Priest's skills

    Hi there! Priest's skill "redemption" isn't working on garden mythical difficult. When a player of the group attack the plant and get stunned, "redemption" can't remove the negative effect.
  8. Hi there! @Akasha Can I write a guide in portuguese?
  9. Lol, doesn't make any sense. Anyways, explosive trap requires an item also.
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