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    Priest's skills

    Hmm I guess not. I’m a priest and I can guarantee that skill (redemption) can remove stuns (like druid’s roots, bladedancer's harmstring, crystal of stun effect for example). That's the reason I got surprised when I runned Garden mythical and redemption didn't work. Maybe it’s a kind of bug, idk 😥
  2. Nothing better than playing during quarantine... Stay at home! Avoid crowds (in game events it's okay haha) Happy Easter and enjoy spring event! 🌸
  3. Hello! Can I show the phone's screen when I am playing or just warspear logo is allowed? 😋
  4. Bounce

    Priest's skills

    Hi there! Priest's skill "redemption" isn't working on garden mythical difficult. When a player of the group attack the plant and get stunned, "redemption" can't remove the negative effect.
  5. Hi there! @Akasha Can I write a guide in portuguese? 🙂
  6. Lol, doesn't make any sense. Anyways, explosive trap requires an item also.
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