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    Zaqowity got a reaction from Morgana in The oldest gift Warspear   
    If I recover my old account (AI GRIND i hope so) maybe I should have older, but Im not sure. 
    @Julie That's sick that you have same old gift as me
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    Zaqowity got a reaction from Pecleb in Legionner (lvl 6) using Bow (lvl 10)   
    I think that you dont get it. You cant get 388 damage on lvl 6, with +10 either, damage rings, necklace, cloack and rare lvl 6 weapons. You just CANT. Do you get it now? The best person I see lvl 6 +10 has 320 damage, still 68 damage less than legionner. Do you think its fair? Over 60 damage more compare to +10 legal lvl 6 man? I dont think so. You just dont wanna do anything with him becouse he give you much money with amping and now he would left game.
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    Zaqowity reacted to adywijaya in Worth playing without Miracle coins?   
    you can be strong with short way like many elfs do 
    -make girls character
    -act like you real girl
    -learn how to flirt thru text
    -make forum profil with girl picture and dont forget
    -girl fb
    -lick som rich people's ass
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    Zaqowity reacted to Zaqowity in Legionner (lvl 6) using Bow (lvl 10)   
    To be honest in this thread mostly of people havent met Legionner on arena. With my +8 axes and rogue I deal around 170 damage. He deal 280 + he can use double shot + active skill + trap + he always play with atleast +7 man to help with.. If AI GRIND was loyal they will:
    1. Give him a lot of Mcoins for that items and remove that.
    2. Instead of lvl 9 +10 bow gave him rare 5lvl bow +10 and some mcoins.
    3. Unequip his items that he would use if he get higher lvl.
    AI GRIND you know its totally unfair comparing with other players. I am arena char since 2k14 and I know how it look like to play against him. For 2-3 years now I havent seen Legionner battle arena alone. He like play with bd becouse bd block players and he can play from a distance. Guys, seriously, dont say bullshit about style of play. You can try as you want, but 4 second and you gone. Over 100 damage more is a big advantage, specially on 6lvl. I dont compare his 280dmg (now probably more) with normal 40dmg player, becouse it is really painful. I like old times as you but I dont really using lvl 9 bow with lvl 6 character is legit. You can also increase damage of lvl 4-6 weapons and novice weapons to give a chance with him. I beat him some times but it wasnt easy at all and it depends on which arena have I played and who I have played with. AI GRIND do something with this.
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    Zaqowity reacted to Harus in [2015.03.05] Winners and results of Arena season.   
    and now he get 2x ring :!:! from 2v2 and 3v3 its madness
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    Zaqowity reacted to WSUserForever in [2015.03.05] Winners and results of Arena season.   
    Legionner (Ranger) Level 6 Rating 92672 
    Hey! He's lvl 6 using lvl 10 bow, It's unfair, It's logic, He will win all areana season.  
    This game sucks. no matter if he's old player, it still unfair. 
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