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  1. Zaqowity

    Amping site

    I hope you gonna do it work
  2. Zaqowity

    Amping site

    Looks fine, but not works.
  3. Darkorbit. Maybe it's computer game but I mean if they are going to make Warspear in 3D they should also remember of people who prefer 2D and make a choice of playing 3D or 2D.
  4. If I recover my old account (AI GRIND i hope so) maybe I should have older, but Im not sure. @Julie That's sick that you have same old gift as me
  5. In this thread you can post your oldest gift from Warspear. Below is mine. 1121 days ago, so It come 10.01.2014
  6. I know one game that is able with 3D and 2D either. You can choose in settings, so it should work too if they add choose 2D/3D setting.
  7. I havent think about text with him private about that illegaly trade but when I want 3min later he left the game. Screenshots below.
  8. One more question. If a long years ago exist 14lvl weapon or just Legionner have that 14lvl weapon should he still use this? And have 600 damage atleast with +10? @Higgings "Stop crying and make a tank. Equip it with the best relics in game and then face him. Problem sorted" Im talking that +10 man with heavy armor. Below I post you some people with +9 things and higher. The last one is all +10, expect +9 rings. Maybe you are better? Why dont you make lvl 6 arena char and you dont show me that he is same as normal 6 arena character?
  9. I think that you dont get it. You cant get 388 damage on lvl 6, with +10 either, damage rings, necklace, cloack and rare lvl 6 weapons. You just CANT. Do you get it now? The best person I see lvl 6 +10 has 320 damage, still 68 damage less than legionner. Do you think its fair? Over 60 damage more compare to +10 legal lvl 6 man? I dont think so. You just dont wanna do anything with him becouse he give you much money with amping and now he would left game.
  10. Ok, so he is now 373 damage. How I am able to win against him with 170 damage? AI GRIND please response.
  11. To be honest in this thread mostly of people havent met Legionner on arena. With my +8 axes and rogue I deal around 170 damage. He deal 280 + he can use double shot + active skill + trap + he always play with atleast +7 man to help with.. If AI GRIND was loyal they will: 1. Give him a lot of Mcoins for that items and remove that. 2. Instead of lvl 9 +10 bow gave him rare 5lvl bow +10 and some mcoins. 3. Unequip his items that he would use if he get higher lvl. AI GRIND you know its totally unfair comparing with other players. I am arena char since 2k14 and I know how it look like to pla
  12. Zapraszam do oceniania i komentowania.
  13. Witam. W tym temacie pokażę Wam parę zdjęć, które zrobiłem w grze. Zapraszam. 1. Największa promocja signów, jaką widziałem w swoim życiu, 187 Miracle Coins za set. Data: 31.05.2014r. 2. Osoba fartem zampiła item z +8 na +9 1-3 signami. Data: 02.06.2014r. 3. Miłe spotkanie z kolejnym kontem Buuda (Hassna). Dziw, że nie miał Novice setu . Data: 14.06.2014r. 4. Arenka moim arena charem. Wspomnę jedynie, że Mawka to osoba z top10 arena +9/+10. Data: 16.06.2014r. 5. Kostium, który można było zdobyć z ja
  14. O, Keyshaaa, jest ze Mną w gildii
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