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  1. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    guys, check my quest, i wonder what happen if it get many replys there or just views... maybe they add it? :) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=21436.0
  2. again use the ignore option for the stupid ppl who keep insulting Also, see my quest and put ur opnion there http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=21436.0
  3. did u guys add this quest http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=21436.0? i would be so happy if u did :give_rose:
  4. put entangle or something like that to rangers as new skill :crazy:
  5. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    half mc players hate me, half like me, its the good of the game, i cant be friend of all or the game would be very very very boring for me...
  6. I wrote all it didnt i? so i got lot of free time ;D
  7. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    do u know what is a waste of time? wait till u get concience to stop going in and out when we doing a serious hard quest that must use money to do... if u think everyone is rich then good mind u have. i was there to help them do the HARDEST quest of this game and u was there to maybe disturb bcoz u wasnt helping or doing anything about the quest, u didnt deceirve stay in the party.
  8. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    i did said noob with u as joke like paul did with me (called pussy) before, if u thought seriously, stay thinking that way ok? the guys called me to help them, i went, u tryed to expulse me from there, u did, u died and i can believe u made them die so u is the pro bcoz u know how to kill ppl from own faction. remember it: the guy who called me to help, also told me he think u very arrogant.
  9. i would love too much if they add this quest :give_rose:
  10. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    i dont see why he not suitable to fof :unknw:
  11. U mean quests like these? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=21436.msg85700#msg85700 if yes, i hope they add too :crazy:
  12. i prefer 0.7 paying 3$ a month than 1.9 free...
  13. i just noticed, how noobs going to get 20k? :wacko:
  14. i m not noob, i know that, but that way we stay wasting mc and when we dont able to buy mc, we could just give 40k and transfer crystal/rune, think about noobs, they must buy 300-400mc every 3 lvl :crazy:
  15. We need a npc that remove the crystal/rune from items, put a crazy price like 20k each rune/crystal removed (19mc rune/crystal) 120k for each 119mc rune/crystal 10k for each 9mc rune/crystal, is a good use of gold :pleasantry:
  16. i dont know if they put it name on the site or it was bad traducted, but here i show u that the traduction from google tradutor works...
  17. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    simplily kill in sight lvl14+ mcs u see if non-friend like i m doing...
  18. luksxxt

    Second Job..

    i didnt like much the skills u posted, but i like ur idea, also would be better if instead of put a quest to change job, put a higher limit of reputation, so at like ehhh, 7000rep, u change job :)
  19. Can u tell me with divide by 1.34? i didnt undestand that part
  20. ahmed passed me the link to the site :)
  21. for the equipping items, it have a warn, "once u equip this item it will become personal", for receiving parameter item, just look at the parameter then look at fat dancing panda post ::)
  22. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    yeah yeah, i killed u once or twice (or maybe more than 30 times :crazy: ) but ok guy, we can be ally if u dont act like others mcs that was supposed to be my friend... cya in game :)
  23. U cant have RED nickname, the ppl that have the RED nickname is the one on OPPOSITE faction, so if u on ELF faction, MOUNTAIN CLAN PPL WILL HAVE RED NAME. But if u on MOUNTAIN CLAN faction, ELF PPL WILL HAVE RED NAMES. EDIT: Sorry for the multi use of capslock, i used to see if he undestand :wacko:
  24. who selling bow for 36k coins? he think it worth more than 40$? he must be a stupid guy, 10$ is already much for it :facepalm: :crazy:
  25. just use a tradutor like google tradutor...
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