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  1. i hate game keyboard on android, so hard to write there, we should be able to write in the normal keyboard of android :)
  2. trust me, i m much more unlucky, by far i m... look my drops from genie/granite. 6x amulet with astral. 2-3x a druid hood, once a claymore... but remember, i m ranger :facepalm:
  3. better put this example to be easier: here what ya got: dice with 6 sides here what number u want: 6 the % u got to get number 6: 1\6 lets suppose u play it 6 times, isnt sure u will get the number 6, is a chance like the boss drop :) also, u can get the number 6 six times... (i dont believe but can :))
  4. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    pinoyninja and luks on VN server too :wacko:
  5. agree, van slay and mr awww, very respectable players... i remember when awwww killed me thousands time and i asked he to stop then we turned friends :friends: , slay is a "neutral" person for me, he a nice guy but i see he online 10min a week :'( , mr mario enter most days for 5-10min and again a very good person, both used to help a lot in guards also with striderman and rankin and sokpot, good friends i m missing last days... i also respect a lot ymleong, if wasnt he i was rank3 (lvl5-8) and rayquaza/shizi that made me able to get lvl7 (almost rank 5 in rank days) well, i respect sulla as he know how to make a great war :) , i respect ahmed shyleen and panda for be great players who i play with most days. and i dont respect awwww, i love he :give_rose:
  6. i respect everyplayer unless he give em a motive to dont do it :)
  7. not true, ranger can kill shaman 1x1 easily... with a enough high dodge, u can make all shots they do when u blinded, into dodges... also shamans got low hp wich means, very fast death, try do combo crit, they die :)
  8. u telling u wanna noobs 1-8lvl to farm? :facepalm: EDIT: PLS remember most them cant ever kill it for quest.
  9. when u go arena, if have 10 partys of 2ppl, u can get 5 fights, only 2 maps, so obviously some battles will have same map, but wont be in exact place undestood? same with boss room, if 5 partys want granite for example, the 5 could do it without others disturb :) If it were implemented, the leader would choose the boss, but obviously the party would choose and he would just select it.it would finish the respawn time... so no wait to farm same boss :D (should have a limit of party hunting it, like 5 party max on each boss)
  10. Isnt better just add a room where a party can go there and choose a boss to go then he appear in a room (like when u go arena) and the boss is at middle os stage, so many partys can farm the same boss :) (in case of guards, it should be exact like the room of guards, and u should appear where is the cross point, but ofc wont have cross point)
  11. u can sell for MC coins bcoz the money go for aigrind and not for the other player who is buying. u cant sell for real money or u would be stealing aigrind content and then selling to someone else a thing thats not your. simply :) like the 5$ i lost when i bought from sms when it wasnt available, but yes i lost money :unknw:
  12. if u use rouge/ranger gear, u can get enough accuracy ever using speed crystals on ur gears, just need one accuracy crystal on head and u will have about 12% accuracy, enough to hit lots on ppl and miss not much on mobs/bosses.
  13. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    oh no, restart on vn server? :( , i had a ranger there lvl8 but ok, i delete and create rogue :) EDIT: name: luks
  14. VN players got own ehh, "moderation", when the other server got russians moderators, so is very rare see devs on both EU/US but i already saw unlive in russian server
  15. rogues can use can move 2 times faster than others? :wacko:
  16. i lag once a day, but its not total lag, just bcoz my internet become very bad once a day
  17. not really, a little long time ago, i saw a russian with strange name (green name but strange to me, not the color, her name), she talked on trade chat, really sorry i cant tell the name right now as i dont remember. ps: i saw on EU server
  18. luksxxt


    at this time, where ws not going on a very good way, ignoring many ppl at international section (not answering on forum or support) i wouldnt pay 100$ for a full guard set with weapon rings and belt with a lvl18 char (only if was 6 chars with full guards set+rings+belt+weapon (3 classes of mc and 3 classes of elf)) :)
  19. luksxxt


    amazing how many ppl are really stupid enough to get caught in that trick :facepalm: , why would someone pay 150$ in a ws account? i m almost sure he didnt use 100$ on it. i can be almost sure too that he dont have full guards set (rings belt glove/armguard boots weapon (s)) so why would he pay 150$ on it?
  20. rogue the weakest? if u saying it, u dont know how to play rogue... i dont see them as weak, they are strong, when u see on arena, they are amazing :)
  21. Same :wacko: , but my friend said its a good game for phone, nothing amazing for pc, for pc we got many games better like diablo 2/3, ragnarok, MU etc after all this game is for phone :)
  22. 5.0? :shok: , when is it? in ten years? :lol:
  23. i didnt asked ur stupid opnion, if u didnt liked just leave this page or the game :facepalm:
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