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    The FoF Clan Book

    i m here jaw, just decepcioned with game :facepalm:
  2. i like the option of have only 1 char for new players... and yes, i didnt like most things... halloween is a little late, i not seeing first island as "easier quests" and again 4 battles a day on arena sucks... ALL i liked is rogue new skill perfect to make them rats
  3. :facepalm: hard to post: "Sorry, we taking care of few problems we found on the server" or "Sorry, we had an downtime needed on the server due to few problems we found on the update"
  4. ok, u right, buy with gold, what if nobody buy mc or dont want sell for gold? try get it then, start waste money, and what i want is info, bcoz he not telling us what happening, if any bug being fixed in game, if its something crashing, undestand it ok? mindless.
  5. kuzmitch dont ever care about us... its like we nothing for he... dont give us any info, dont tell us what happening, taking holidays with our money... etc
  6. what the point of be opening then closing the game? :facepalm:
  7. i dont know what the point of play this game anymore... really i dont know
  8. try any levelup games, all u can play free... yes who pay will have stronger things etc, but wont be undieable to who dont pay like this game... and also, u can finish the game without buy things, try do it here... :facepalm:
  9. u guys worried about skills? soon u wont have a dollar to spend with yourself...
  10. restart the game... best suggestion for upcoming updates :facepalm:
  11. yes enjoy it... looks like soon i will leave this game :facepalm:
  12. luksxxt


    what about reric, selestin and trannor? faction bosses wich stay at tavern :)
  13. is pc version 13.7mb? i m not with good internet right now and i dont want waste time downloading wrong version...
  14. u guys complaining about few hours of wait? right now i m super happy bcoz they released it 3 days before... who is complaining must be kids who cant wait few hours for it... sometimes we wait like 3-4h for a **** (i dont want to use offensive languaje so i did put * on purpose) maintenance... try learn how to wait a little before start saying things like it taking long or etc... THX FOR THE UPDATE SOONER, AIGRIND AND APPLE :give_rose:
  15. should have a limit like 20% other way everyone on the land would be full drop in 1week due to ~10 kills and 100% drop chance :wacko:
  16. to do avenger quest in our caravans is like impossible bcoz the fires take years to die, i saw that it die faster on legion camp than in caravans of elf...
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