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  1. kuzmitch, the game crash when i try go arena without ticket .-.
  2. sorry mr kuz, i didnt meant to be rude, just that ur words confused me and u know, would be very unfair to put pots on arena, so its easy undestand why we complain :) u know all i want is be ur friend
  3. ofc not, we leaving EU for VN server, so VN will be loaded of rogues :)
  4. use pots on arena now is available? maybe revive too? .-. so now richs own us again :cray:
  5. i dodge lots from both mobs and players, also from bosses, ever missing my bow-mantle-belt that is now with noob jasper who 24h offline :cray: , now just 24% dodge bcoz dodge still lvl2, but soon lvl3 :tease: , and yes, dodge working very good
  6. luksxxt

    Rogue skill setup

    omg... it does? .-. then dodge skill better for rogues :(
  7. The class u choose is the best, if u delete it, u isnt anyone to be compared with others
  8. omg -.- if u cant undestand simply dont talk... we talking that bcoz someone if get ur id and pass, can simply DELETE ALL YOUR CHARS when u are playing... sulla, we can get two ingame, but not same server... try enter one in US and other in EU
  9. Sure it is, i tested with my pc and my phone... i entered same account with both but cant enter same server Explanation: my id: xxxxxx password: yyyyyyy. i enter with both devices on this account, there i find TWO chars zzzzzz and ppppp in server Emerald, TWO in server US hhhhhhh and iiiiiiii, i can enter with one of EU in pc and other in US in phone, same account. explain .-. PS: i cant enter with two on emerald or two in us
  10. Kuzmitch, i have an ask for u, why two devices can enter same account?
  11. luksxxt

    Rogue skill setup

    pls remember rogue dodge skill changes from each lvl is just the time duration and not the number of dodge %, its always 5% :)
  12. in real life they use long range rifle to kill in 1shot :crazy: NOOB, i voted to keep the skill and i m ranger and yes i already been camped by 4-5 rogues .-.
  13. not anymore, just 26.x% now grats to all skills lvl3 but dodge that is lvl2 and soon lvl3 too... yes guys i will go lvl18 :'(
  14. luksxxt

    The FoF Clan Book

    yeah slay, u famous already :rofl: , now u going receive some pms from ur fans :pleasantry:
  15. yeah, i definitively hate the loot price comparing to gear price, was easier to farm when loots were 1g :'(
  16. not true slay, bds got more hp than rogues, so they can resist, also bds can paralize them, so just stop them when they have about half hp and battle is done, bd won... unless u miss a hit, u won :)
  17. sulla got secret equips that give more damage :lol:
  18. luksxxt


    dont worry, u still have lot of time with this quest... maybe soon aigrind go holidays again?
  19. nothing wrong with invisible, play ragnarok, u will see its normal for rogue as they are "assassins" in future and assassins walk in front of u whitout u notice them, usually they will kill u 1sec after u see them, so invisible here isnt any compared with invisible outside...
  20. ofc it is invisible, other way, nobody would fall in it :wacko:
  21. Dont worry, warspear will die, sooner or later...
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