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  1. whats next event gm?? 50% discount mshop 50% bonus mcoin??
  2. anyone cant connect to server now? i have this problem now..
  3. what now..? why i can connect to server?? anyone has same problem?
  4. lol ring x2 with resil + damage :wacko: make a player who win last arena cant win this season,or change the reward for who win in last arena... it will make them stronger :facepalm: :tease: :tease:
  5. Dear Gm... why u not sell energy catalyst or etheral catalyst in miracle shop...??? ;D ;D
  6. i buy mcoin with MOL point MY order ID MP20523643 1 21 Jul 14 AIGrind - Buy 1170 Miracle Coins in Warspear Online game. - 696 MOLPoints (IDR69.600,00) but i dnt get any mcoin on my acc :(
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