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  1. Both have pros and cons but opposed to the other new classes I feel one of these will be the most entertaining,pertaining to arena and pvp.

    I'll create one tomarrow as of right now I'm unsure which help me figure this out ..help me scratch my itch.

    Feedback keep it positive and informative, I appriciate the time gn!


  2. What's the update like? I have iPhone so I have no idea.. I hear some ppl are already like lvl 7? Wow! What's your opinion on the classes so far?

  3. there 2h sword in shop has sumin like 605 attack and the 2 1h swords add up too 450 ish minus offhand damage . i think BD need faster attack speed or a dance to increse our stats. if 185 non crit is true then damn druids are screwed.

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