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  1. That's how our week of galore ends. Hope you enjoyed it and got a lot of cool and awesome stuff. And we will have a lot of interesting events in the future, stay tuned! ppl still getting costumes termitay heroic... 24lvl character still can get this costumes in bg heroic?
  2. US-Sapphire - 4:00 CET (Apr 11th) Sometimes it's time to change please
  3. Mage Overload. Skill cooldown increased from 5 to 20 seconds. The chance of successful overlaying DoT damage on enemies was doubled. not have duble dmg check it pls
  4. and know who are degreejr?
  5. Jezdecz scamming intrepid
  6. he use mcoins + he is scammer lol,,, scamm ppl and amp his gear and priest Mjiljcp is #1 priest... and Gazaddram newb
  7. skynete


    Hi dear R0land sorry for this topic but i want to ask I did BG-RG-temry heroic 1200+ but I got only 2x drop... + i killed in Halloween demon and avenger 500x + but no drops... Maybe it is bug or have low chance, on my mage please check it if you can. I wasted lot of stamina pots and time...
  8. farm only me death and juli
  9. xxdeaathxx is number 1 in both PVP, PVE & farm. he is best shaman in game
  10. r0land roland check it please
  11. “Solar armor” resilience was increased what you mean? if that is mage skill, update after no have difference Passive skill “Shield” now works correctly Here is not a difference
  12. “Solar armor” resilience was increased Passive skill “Shield” now works correctly wow mage better
  13. hello dear peter. reply me please: What do you think? This year we can get next update lvl? I mean 26 -28-30lvl
  14. hi roland bro please tell me i have bltch lucky or us-sapphire have bug? i done RG heroic 80x+ use 3 set seeker, but got 0 drop.
  15. RG heroic drop is very rare 40x+ do and 0 drop
  16. noob 30stamia=10hr ;) we use 3 stam
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