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  1. r0land Mage Shattered Stone Increased chance of stunning enemies dependent on skill level, up to 20-25-35-45-60% stun work only 2.5 sec? if yes pls make it bit more, all class have many stun skills... we to need bit good stun
  2. other server trying kill 20+ party... if u to do roland side, then come and show me how to can kill with 1pt
  3. 8-10pt trying kill black elm 30 min before but failed.. boss 300k hp left when 20+ mobs up together and we all died and ur say one pt can kill black elm? no one pt can kill so many add like on ss
  4. roland change adds up time on us server 5-7pt trying to kill but failed now... why make this boss if never can kill? we all tried
  5. r0land bro when fix black elm mobs? 5 pro pt to cant kill this boss now
  6. r0land What if char created before 15 July and lvl up after 15 July ? he get chest? we no have slot for new skills and what do now? replace old expert skills?
  7. peter have achievements like do alone any tower, without part in short time? or killing strong bosses in short time?
  8. ty physik for amp my new staff
  9. skynete

    majestic ring

    oh sry. i saw now mailbox ur send me all pene crystal and resi what i use... ty
  10. skynete

    majestic ring

    hi dear roland.. its ok remove resi rune but why change pene crystal? i have no luck use 30-30+ pcs crystal and rune for charm... i use dragon eye skill and not need mana on rings... if can help pls change mana crystal to pene...? sry my bad eng
  11. arena rings not add more percent? or more resi In the future? i think now is low
  12. resi not work for bosses and mobs
  13. not bad but never come lvl update? and check my char pls never have drop in tower and killing bosses... and fix it always no drop im bored
  14. why 10th? before season end 5 march... cant wait next season have new awards? 10th is big update?
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