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  1. can somebody tell me what gloves is that? the one that has 26 lightning..
  2. Marshal

    Upcoming update

    thats nice then... im a vain player :yahoo: elixir is not that bad for ruining the game
  3. Marshal

    Upcoming update

    its hard to make a game that doesnt consume so much time to be strong... but rep system still ftw..
  4. saying it to yourself luks? :lol:
  5. Marshal

    Upcoming update

    I think the "more common" says it all... exp grinding whole day.. noooo..... :facepalm:
  6. Marshal

    Upcoming update

    Its the 26th of July, Should I Feel something good or not? :pardon: :pleasantry:
  7. Maybe if Guild System is implemented in game?
  8. Cape Eater, Don't eat my newest Cape please, bought it for 3k. :'(
  9. 840? :shok: with Berengar Gears?
  10. Marshal

    The FoF Clan Book

    Meeeeeeeeeeeee :drinks:
  11. Noooo :facepalm: ... I hate number, I Like the V thing for level :D. But I like Reputation Numbers though. ;D
  12. This happened to me once but it was a noob cape though. so I didnt mind. log out for like 20 mins and back in then its gone.
  13. kindly list arips party members for me pls.. :blush: ;D
  14. I think this thread should be called KOS list in emerald..
  15. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL.-.. is that from emera.d server?
  16. Really, alot of noobs dont get the point of doing this.
  17. I think they will have Invisibility Skill in soon updates. :wacko:
  18. :clapping: Elf with Axe :blush:
  19. LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol: ive seen alot of that nowadays. I rly dont know why they bother to go to 2nd island anyway.
  20. Marshal

    HELLO! :)

    Seems like a very friendly person. :) Welcome, you'll not regret that you've played this game. :)
  21. Lol, I thought you can kill Uni. :P But if the hits made more crits and didn't missed a few, you can. :D
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