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  1. And the innocent will also be included in the wipe out so they'll buy coins again? So noob profit strategy Mr. Kuzmitch.
  2. Another thing, both sides did wrong. The stupidness of devs that they didnt check the transactions if there is something wrong. And the greediness of Indo players that they didnt tell the devs about it. So why only one side will suffer while the other side has still the control of everythng? Oh man, please make a wise movethat no one will figure it out. Im sure you devs also know its your fault, just feels chicken to admit it.
  3. Proof is in front of them already. The problem is stupidity and lack of knowledge. :facepalm: Thanks anyway.
  4. Delete this and it shows a guilt.
  5. You. I just wonder, I can admit, I sold 3 boss drop already from Indonesian players, and they are the one who offered Miracle Coins as payment. I accepted it coz in my country, I cant buy coins(rather than paypal, but my card is block for international transactions). So 3 days ago, I sold 2, then 1 earlier. So my point is, you so much dumb to identify the innocents? Now Im logging in with a message of "Your Profile is blocked". Dont have so much time to see a more inner story of your customers? Well if it is, your dream game aint coming true. 1 favor though, its not about you build the game, make shops for real money and swim your ass on a green paper around your room, think about what will your neighbor says while your doing it. Goodluck on yourdreamgame, coz I know it will really just be a dream. And bye.
  6. Can use any software like photoshop or else? and canbe hand drawing too? 8)
  7. Maybe youre talking about Chainless League Reputation, it is really is -5000 at start and you must do the quest for it that can be get in NadirSard.
  8. Dont expect too much my friend.. Some of your suggestions are already in development. And Im sure devs know what to do to make the game better and keep a small memory to play it, this is just a MOBILE MMORPG though, remember that. :give_rose: :good:
  9. Marshal

    The FoF Clan Book

    We shouldhsve FOF uniform, or bencong uniform maybe. I vote for fairy costume!!! :good: :rofl: :rofl: :give_rose:
  10. They are adventurous, cant blame. :facepalm:
  11. Key is use your brain. Also, 2 party is ALMOST equivalent to 1 party at befores update. so still kinda same.
  12. I think its really is slower but its not a bug, the damage got higher. And I think the calculation for speed has changed also.
  13. Very minor problem but still useful to others who has many chars. :good:
  14. Are you done all quest in 1st Island? If not, tell me your server and faction, Ill give you money to get back.
  15. I want to buy Wrought Mantle and Excellent Ring. -Marshal
  16. When they change this to a Grinding system(Exp per kill) ALL Old-Timer and semi Old-Timer will 101% surely quit. :facepalm:
  17. If the greencane you talking about is Carved Staff, its from quest.
  18. Oh now I see names. Specification huh. :good:
  19. This also helps on killing opposite faction quest. :wacko:
  20. Too late, a good friend of mine gave me already. I was shouting the whole day though. :facepalm:
  21. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 6 years of asking, finally got an appreciated answer. thanks kuzmitcg. :yahoo:
  22. Philippines SMS payment pls. I wont stop yapping about it .. :mega_shok: :sorry:
  23. Marshal

    MC noobs

    Yeah, friendlist of Arips noob party. Sorry, incase you dont know, crossing chicken strategy doesnt work now.
  24. Marshal

    MC noobs

    Actually, Ztrider just saying this things coz he wants his name to be famous. Not bad strategy using forum man... but in game? oh man, bet you run like headless chicken.
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