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  1. Thats what I'm trying to say ever since but didnt have the guts. :lol: Not really. MC Chars looks cooler. :dirol: @Topic This should be fixed coz in near future, we'll have an imbalanced war, and thats boring. Obviously theres alot of people chose MC at first and recreate FB coz of dailies, I know many of them. :facepalm:
  2. Marshal

    daily rep

    Agree, Druid and Shaman can do all dailies in 1 - 2 hours (Maximum). Still, craving for the implementation of Repeatable Quests. :good:
  3. Cant connect again, server is down? :sorry:
  4. dont worry... if server get fine... you cn always pm me for help.... :)
  5. I hate to say this but.. its predictable that server will die soon... :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  6. does anyone can kog in the game or in game right now?
  7. I have 12 dqs to do!!!! I hope server dnt reset.. thats 114 rep total. :facepalm: cant do it cause I cnt log in and sucky lag. :cray:
  8. is it still lag or just me? im having 10s lag....
  9. Marshal

    daily rep

    I can do that van... I can :). I agree with sulla. more time = sstronger...
  10. thanks clay... I still remember you :P
  11. Lol, you're far away bro. It's a 2nd island quest. You need like 4-5 people for it, its a boss quest. :)
  12. It is the best bow so far, you can get it as a reward in a quest, Kill Genie the Bloody Fire. Quest from Nadir Sard.
  13. heya Awww, I missed you. :D lol :friends:
  14. Idol Siwers. :drinks:
  15. I see, now I'm excited to replace my phone. :yahoo:
  16. Unit: 5530 XpressMusic FW: Original No lags, but map transitions is kinda slow, like 2-3 seconds but its fine. The only problem I have is about chatting, the given keyboards are not responsive and laggy. Performance: 8/10 :) Still I can play smoothly. Just a question though... Does this game can be downloaded for free at Itunes when using Iphone? Or you have to pay for it? Cause I'm planning to replace my 5530 to Iphone. Thanks.
  17. Marshal


    Yeah I know its their clan, but I'm curious what does it mean. ::)
  18. Marshal

    daily rep

    I agree with the repeatable quest that can be done solo like killing 20-40 mobs, even if the reward is just 1 rep. Atleast we have something to do after we did dailies rather than farming golds. :sorry:
  19. Disagree, :facepalm: just increased the rank cap. ^^
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