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  1. wait wait wait back in the time to patch when all clases get first expert skills. Rogue got elusive jump, paladins illumination, druids forest song ... and look at this situation arena 5x5 - 5 pal vs 5 rogue arena start bopm boom paladins see blue sparks and arena become 3v5 2nd situation patch 3.0 5 locks vs other elves 5 circles arrows fears and all elves die coz of extreme cc they didnt done nothing and they lose you mc are greedy... Do think u ll own arenas all the time? banner isn't op its just balance of game
  2. i think better to take skill points from heal and max aura
  3. this skill won't work work that u can resurrect dead ally but necro put sign on ally or himself and when he die with this sign he ll revive with % of max hp and mana. % of hp and mana ll rise with leveling this skill and duration of sign. Indication token from zilean ult in lol xD
  4. what is now on arena 5x5 when your team havent any pal and u play versus 5 rogues??? boom boom and its 3v5
  5. u mean last used skill ll be used again? that ll be nice my idea is skill which reset all cd of other skills. this sound op but maybe not reset 100% of cd skill but some less % maybe 50%
  6. this crit with priests armistice who work like dk 4th skill
  7. #zakuty

    Elusive Jump

    elusive jump is very op and deals too high dmg, plus it can be use even trap by ranger, i have seen high amp rogues hit 2k+ this is correct opinion about this skill :!
  8. 2 yards from target is (+ is target) ***** ***** **+** ***** ***** its 5x5 (this are my calculations if im wrong pls correct me :E)
  9. bro in your skill suggest u forget to add this skill ll have 100% chance, deal 2k dmg stun for 5 sec , cause fear effect and barb can't be targeted for some time after use this skI'll and have chance to insta kill and opponent (deadly hit) *z* ...
  10. ok all mcs u think baner is op but u don't see rogue dmg is too high? very average rogue can kill any healer in 2-3 hits! and what if u have 2 or 3 rogues on arena? u can see only 2 or 3 blue sparks and u are dead.... this isn't op? all mc think NO wtf banner have 7v7 coz it role isn't only to do dmg this skill counter rogues combo stealth + elusive jump and this balance arenas. Stop complain about op banner coz 1st char to nerf is rogue and fcking 10000000+ crits and what about shmans ??
  11. my skill build 32235 aura ll be on 4
  12. stacks how this skill work? it does dmg when u apply debuff and does dmg again when target die?
  13. #zakuty

    Elusive Jump

    k rogue is melee and need gap closer to jump to enemy but is it normal when i play vs 2 rogues with my healer on arena i die on 2 elusive jump skill and arena become 2v1 or 3v2. This skill is ok but dmg is too big. This isn't normal class which have stealth can kill enemy with 1 or 2 skills
  14. this skill yes can do crit 2k+ but when target have under 20%hp than this ll be useful on hunt boss but in pvp 2k crit isn't needed coz target would have about 600hp
  15. What do you think about this skill? Anyone tested it? How much damage do this skill? and is it worth any points?
  16. I think poison shwield isn't bad coz necro need aoe skill and poison shwield give this but maybe this skill need to improve dmg on each lvl
  17. How much percent of HP and MP this skill reduce on each level?
  18. Jakby był ktoś chętny to zapraszam na srv bigmama lanos pisać do gregs lub jestemkoks o inva do guild
  19. Poison shwield isn't worth put 3 points?
  20. I think now they repaired this and now with lvl up this skill changed duration and dmg on each tick
  21. Hy what should I choose priest or necro? I want one of this to pve but its hard to choose for me.what you recommend? Priest or necro?
  22. Hy what should I choose priest or necro? I want one of this to pve but its hard to choose for me.what you recommend? Priest or necro?
  23. #zakuty

    valor aura

    What about valor aura lvl 4? Anyone tested it?
  24. No world of magic zapraszam polaków na serce bigmama pisać o fuks do fregat lub jestemkoks
  25. if you don't Move this skill will do nothing... :! It depends only on your plays
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