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  1. lol 1st look at date of earlier posts2nd u complain about overpowered rogue- and how i can see you are just noob. stop spam noob topics just amp
  2. could this option would be added for older android? With each update android 2.3.6 lose more stability
  3. Master of crying appear xD go to other topics and do more threads about op rogue. And how can you say rogue is most op class and bd is most balanced class. I suggest you to delete this game, coz i see you play only fcking elf fraction.
  4. yea elves are overpopulated and devs doing nothing with this. With each update elves get better skills what make this more unbalanced. You know why elves ot better skills?? Coz they spent more mc xD they are more populated and there are more miracle coins items resellers.
  5. Priest don't need stun skill. He is perfect.
  6. tak się składa że to był mój 1 handel charem i zapewne ostatni xD trzeba mieć szczęście. A chciałem sprzedać bo nie zamierzałem grać w ws, bo grałem w tme. Ale jak się okazuje nie ma sensu grać w tme bo już tam sprzedają za platyny(odpowiednik mc) eq. Tak więc ... już wolę grać w ws bo gra ta oferuje więcej niż tme
  7. #zakuty

    Elusive Jump

    dont lvl this skill, this skill is using now only like a gap closer to enemy. Most of rogues add skill points into poisonous blade.
  8. lol you think that this skill is good coz bd hadn't got any range atacks. and this is good because bd must be perfect in all aspects. WTF than in next update they get heal and most players will play bd coz he is perfect. Where is logic greedy elf?
  9. what is better now at 20 panic 3 or infection 3?
  10. nice video as always but have 1 question what lvl of skill panic?
  11. nie ma? to mi sie coś pojebalo bo gadał że z hooligans jest a może to było huligans czy jakoś tak
  12. i mam nowe info apropo tego złodzieja ma on dwa druidy 1) Spdanet - w gildi Niebiosa 2) Alcoholpl - w hooligans to wiem na 100%, więc prośba do liderów o wyjebanie ich. Może ktoś wie jakie inne postacie on jeszcze ma? może komuś się chwalił
  13. tank mean damager? bds have higher atacks than rangers, better cc and def. Shamans, rogues and druids are ok. Priests, rangers, locks, paladins barbs are still good but much behind from bd. And what can say now little, defendless necro? He is leaving in Africa and sitting next to fireplace and warm his hands when nights are cold. Rly guys. Bd is much stronger and stronger with each update. Other class are ok but necro is very very behind (skill panic have 1 yard rang 0,5sec duration and each atack stop effect. And range increase with skill 2-3 yards at lvl 2-4. And it drain hp. Any skill range increase with skill lvl - bd rush, fire arrow, elusive jump) TOTALLY BALANCED GAME GG WP
  14. lol balanced?? you said that necro is balanced... wtf bd counter deal +/- 700 dmg shield 2k hp sonic boom 600dmg and op hamstring. Yes bd is pure balanced. (700dmg is totally balanced noob elf)
  15. no you are wrong the most weakness class is NECROMANCER
  16. Hy algrind in this game we can chence everything: chair style, chair colour, outfit , name but why we cant chence our gender of char??
  17. yay secret link is noob it should heals max hp at lvl 1 ... i can call this by one word "elves" most of elves players are strange ppl and very greedy. They complain about secret link skill heals only to full hp at lvl 1 ... its pure balanced and look now at priest skill, if this skill would have cd under 30 sec this would be laughable compared to necro. priest heal more than necro coz of aura, pal aura(no need mereman at hunt) and now get 2nd heal skill which remove debuffs. And necro dmg is same as priest wtf gj all ppl from algrind. elf side is overpopulated and u dont doing nothing to balance this both priest and necro are support classes. Than why priest can get good supp skills but necro not?? necro get just fcking skills wich deal 200dmg over time
  18. u think after put skill points into offensive skills and this would be good? lol
  19. shaman is strong and i belive he would be still strong afer update
  20. totally agree but mcs cc skills lose sens on arena or they ll have to use them after priest skill and this priest skill should have big cd
  21. but there are two questions: 1) does it works 100% or have fcking chence 2)what is duration of this skill i think this cant be bad on arena when bds are going stick to you and its time to run away and get some yards and it look good when we cross group of mobs ( we passed them but u need fast to heal up and your charakter stop for moment and mobs atack you again) but if dmg breaks it shamans and locks must use brain at arena when placing quake or circle(forgot name of skill xD)
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