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  1. @kaanberkrly? some updates ago u wrote something like this that shaman is best class and pro in pvp so why you cry now? Your class must be on of the strongests class in game all the time? I know that elves are stronger but you wont change this. And why u cry about necro skill? It isnt op but yes its strong. Why do you think necro should be the weakness class in game? Because we're necros?
  2. im eu player and thats right 80% of ppl were defending on both sides. Mc done dmg mainly by rogues but elves were doing dmg to flag by use revive scroll, one hit flag and after this die and again and again. Yes there was more elves than mc but mcs defend city. Some ppl cry about openess of lock and rogues. What can i say, try play on mc side when u get some banners, aoe stun from paladins and after this combo from mages. Both sides are balanced enough on war i think but there wasnt too much locks on mc side.
  3. if u have good position on arena rogue shouldnt touch you and main role of druid in arena is stay back than enter to fight with link. Thats all. Im not talking about pro druids whose are +9/+10
  4. #zakuty

    Transfer gold

    nieaktualne juz temat do usuniecia
  5. #zakuty

    Transfer gold

    Tak wiec zamienie gold z elf do mc ok. 20-25k pisac do zakuty elf side lub lapolak/lapolako u mc lub tu na forum
  6. to tak z dupy temat odkopie ale wydaje mi sie że farmienie już dziś chyba nie opłaca. Lepiej albo sellac q itemy albo robić daily q na insereolcie i swamp oczywiście (głównie kota)
  7. how revive can work on tellus map? if obelisc kill you and u revive u instant dead i tested this on myself skin
  8. lol im talking about your brain and your mentality, not about what is this game
  9. its not about numbers its just example
  10. what can i said there, hm 1st every man if he is doing something (work) - spend his time its obvious he want earn moneys for this. 2nd why B.G. is multimillionaire? because he had an idea, he followed it and now he is who he is. Why algrind earn big moneys right now? Because they had idea - they made something creative and original, they made something what interested ppl and now they are lying on moneys.
  11. just ignore him, he's just newbie noob. He know nothing and try to change game because he can't do nothing in game. Its look like his words what he wrote in one topic, it was sounds like: im +1 18lvl druid im noob +1, gm plz nerf op rogue coz they two shots me. Why the hell druid is so weak and why rogue have stealth. plz delete this skill. In next topic he wrote: why secret link cant be used without party? druid can't solo bosses...wtf and there he think signs are expensive lol gms plz add them for arena points u complain about signs? some days ago sign prize was 30k now its 15k (i saw one guy who sold signs for 10) we should be happy about this
  12. 1st that was irony2nd im talking about bds, not about noobs *z* and want add something. Option inspect opened my eyes - mainly on elf side there are many noobs like characters lvls 20+ with full skins with eq lvl 12 +2 rly? and you can see that person very often ... im not +10 so i thought im poor but if i see ppl like that... omg
  13. ty for reply i was waiting for this info, but its still best sham expert right now i think
  14. lol u have enough op heal skill and you complain?? lol
  15. lol druid no need high amp to heal a lot by secret link
  16. how do you want absorb critical hits? i have better idea, so on mc side: nightmares work on slug so, need necros shamans and locks. All stand in safe distance and attack and run away. Than necros stun him, other takes their new positions and do it again and again.
  17. mobs and bosses resist this skill
  18. yes elves aren't op. Just look on bd 4k hp 4k def 3k magic def 700 damage 4 sec stun, 2 direct attack skills (1 aoe), rush (gap closer), 2k shwield, and counterattack. Totally balanced. And add to this noob druid which have secret link and can heal this shit from 0 to 4k hp in 2 sec. HAVE FUN IN ARENA. Very balanced class :!
  19. 1st you should play this game more and shut up on forum. You know nothing about this game and you try to say something on forum. I recommend to read older posts, this would give you some knowledge
  20. Gms can you do something about spammers on eu-emerald server? Its annoying ...
  21. my idea: healing totem - heal all party members of small amount of hp (over time) change name of item fire totem to totem and add next skills to use this totems (like fire totem, healing totem) and to use same item to both this skill (shaman can have only 1 totem used in same time)
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