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  1. Some reasons.

    1. Jump range doesn't increase as we level it. The primary objective of jump is to be beside the enemy, and lvl 1 jump does it as lvl 4


    2. Leveling jump has a very little increase in damage. Say, my jump lvl 4 before is 600 damage, now lvl 1 it's 500. Very small and not worth adding a point.


    3. Investing in poison gives it additional damage and duration. Before, I can't even kill a lvl 18 BD. But now, I can kill even higher amp than me. 7x dot damage at lvl 4, 150 damage to enemy hero or 200 if from stealth per dot( I'm  +5) = 1200++ extra damages. Compare to leveling jump. Don't forget that it does critical more often than jump because jump only damages once.


    To me, leveling jump to max instead of poisons is a newb.


    +1, totally agree, just like my rogue just with double axes

  2. Devs why removed t1 t2 t3 daily quests :cray: :cray:   now we how take level ?    With t1-t3 quest with elixir knowledge lv up hard ... now removed most hard  :facepalm:   PLEASE back daily quests lv14 -lv20 hard up if not have quest  :


    Actually only 21-24 lvls dont have quests at t1-t3. I check my 20lvls have quests there. So you lying about lv14-20  :fool:


    P.s you changed the topic and message few secs ago.. lmao


  3. Agree bro,t1-t3 quest are such a pain especially you are crowded with 10 players in an area collecting quest items lol..


    2 Things I Hated This Update Are

    1.You Guys Are Making Rogues Stronger Than Rangers.

    2.Almost The Entire Ayvondil Now Becomes Warzone!! When you try to move out from Ayvondil T2 map ,you will be ganked by mcs or elves-_-"


    Actually not everyone ganking, there are many wise people, im talking about Ayvondyl area. Agree that those no quests at t1-t3 sucks.. feeling the pain myself, but as someone said, we got easy quests at Ayvondyl, so we have nothing to worry about.

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