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  1. Pvp cave "pro" Gankers all i have to say about them, not a good reputation...
  2. They make this in order to balance number of players playing each faction.
  3. Spamming is never the solution SO DONT DO IT!!!!!! Good job on getting item back but as i have said instead of spamming report player...
  4. If you later looking for a really active guild join TheMercs but you must be 22+ and active
  5. More than 40 people voted to remove stealth what???? Hahaha it's the only good thing about rogue...seriously wtf
  6. Hahahaha you all think Panchen is pro??? He paid opposite team and spam arena to go top positions hahahaha not pro i correct you...rich
  7. Pvphealerx


    Mine is the 18 of november Happy birthday to all I was late for
  8. Lol I think its bug but take advantage of it
  9. 1.What you are saying is that if each time he is claimed time increases by 30 min??this would mean unlimited minions...when you see there are 5 min left you just die and reclaim it 2.Some bosses already have this but they are no seen as minions we call them mobs(bosses in tower, i think its hard and heroic, and dungeons of events have them too) Apart from that its not a bad idea, but personally i dont think it will happen
  10. Hahahahaha awesome By the way cool drawing MCocktail
  11. Lol your druid is identical to mine when I was was lvl 14 same costume skin wow, but I now I play PALA LVL 14 more fun
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