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  1. Guys we supose to fight together not against each other lol :lol: but its all fun in games..u kno test each other out ..n I'm gettin beat ;D..let's enjoy this while it last :friends:
  2. haha yea now I am..I'm scared of pops up
  3. 8) I'm still bored playing this game..Nutin interesting everything still the same but some wut gayer only couple new stuff :facepalm:..anyways I'm still gona enjoy it the best I can n hope u guys can too ::)
  4. Happy late Halloween..lol sorri if I'm never on I had a busy weekend n im comin down wit a cold soo I prob not gona play couple more days..n yea update nextweek finally :yahoo: until then ill c u guys
  5. ;D u guys r so lucky..I dnt have much time to hunt now :bad: but I still be on..on n off lol..c u in game ::)
  6. lol y would u think that? I wish it would come pretty soon too :unknw:
  7. hmm I dnt think he is in fof not sure.. But thanx all:)
  8. sokpot

    clan name..

    Oh wait that be Kool if u can make like a shop for clan/guild n ppl can sign in if they like need help for quest n stuff lol Idk..
  9. Welcome to the WOG page! Here we have members that joined from different versions and some who started as far as ws v0.7 and others recent recruits. New members are always welcome to join, just leave a post and leave your character name. We just wana to have fun. no nonsense! :yahoo: P.S ~ Don't be afraid to offer any suggestions or ask any questions, this clan is not perfect and there is always things to improve on. PEOPLE THAT ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE GUILD SHOULD READ THE ENTIRE PAGE. TY. Game server EU: Faction: Firstborn. Anouncements: ~ Note: You do not have to be rich to join wog nor are your required to give anything. I suggest refraining from believing rumors unless you know they are true for sure. Enjoy have a good day. Guild Leader Xlovelyx W.O.G Old Hunts http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=27675.150 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=27675.210 W.O.G Code #1. Please be a respectable and helpful to friendly members and players. (Yes that includes being respectful when conversing with MC, after all we are all Human Beings behind these characters.) We don't like to have jerks or negative players here, and we are not afraid to kick them and remove them from the clan. When you talk to others be friendly and have a respectful manner. When in-game offer friendly conversation to other players. Show others that you respect other's opintions, and maybe offer a complement. Finding the good in others can help you become a more friendly person--and more people will want to be with you. That being said, if you are a jerk, then don't expect anyone to be nice to you. #2. Be willing to learn and train. Here at WOG teamwork and communication is important. To get better, you need to have an attitude willing to learn from other experienced members, and to train together on clan hunts. The more you allow yourself to learn and train, the better team-player you will become when it comes to more complex bosses. We value having fun and doing our best when hunting, learning and training together with the clan is what allows us to connect and help each other get better. That my friend, is teamwork ;D #3. Share among clan members. When the first alliance was formed it was a natural to share drops that our main characters did not need, and give to any friend that needed the item. It is not required to share drops, but just note that should they eventually receive something you might need they might not be as willing to part with it. Should you chose to share, simply give it to: Anyone in the party (that is a clan member) that you are hunting with that needs the drop because they worked to get there and they are spending their own time hunting to get drops. If anyone in the party doesn't need the drop it would go to the next person in the guild who joined first BUT also logs on often. Members who get a drop cannot sell it until they've made sure no other member needs it* *this applies mostly(not meaning only) to the first and second gen since most of us almost, or already have full lab set #4. No Multi-calning You cannot be in two clans at once. #5. Multi-factions Every person in the clan has a different view of having multi-factions some wont kill you some will, know who they are and know that when they kill its nothing against you, you just happen to have a red name. Making an MC in another server like US is better so you can avoid any conflicts and feelings of being divided. Also Most of the First and Second Gen already have MC characters in the US server. Recruiting Clan members are selected based on their behavior, dedication to the clan and how well they fit into the clan's value. We are happy being a diverse clan and accept players of any race or nationality and do not discriminate past history factions. Recruitment is by invitation only. Probation: Should you violate any of the codes listed above you will be placed in probation or kicked out of the clan. Before someone can be put on probation, you will have 3 warnings. If you continue with the same negative conduct after those 3 strikes you will be put on probation. Conflicts amongst other clan members is not enough to get you kicked out of the clan and should be resolved between the ones involved on their own. Removal of probation will be up to the clan leaders. Banker: I have only received half the stuff back :facepalm: Who has my long bow T-T Berzzerk Alyanorno Berzzerk does not have money sorry but he does have old armor from all 3 classes including weapons (no amps because they are that old but you are welcome to amplify it IF you have signs :blush: ) that you can borrow, give it back when you are done so future newbies can use it :D if you would like to use something just ask me. BTW if you have any old items you no longer use, donations are acceptable :D ~Cheza Currently Used Retlu/Zharg Retlu/Zharg Retlu/Zharg Retlu/Zharg Retlu/Zharg Retlu/Zharg Waterboy Currently in Bank x2 borrowed borrowed Shotjr/Strongest borrowed read above ^^^* borrowed borrowed ^^^* borrowed, ^^^* borrowed ^^^* im missing another ranger ring [high standard sig-ring] ranger belt, ill try to find out who i let borrow them
  10. sokpot

    clan name..

    If clan,guild name is available..you should make option visible above name..:)
  11. sokpot

    The FoF Clan Book

    its ok..he's not bad..traitors must be killed ;D
  12. Is the.sever down again?..can't connect
  13. :) lol u guys r so funny add me too if u like..I kill if I feel like killing mc:)
  14. Hey guys..:) try not to blacklist too much..cuz remember some days are the cc quest we have to do. and this goes out to the fof blacklist too :)
  15. sokpot


    Lol! You did a better job than me :rofl:
  16. sokpot


    ;) Genie taking a break from all that hunting
  17. Ok what's the point on having blacklish anyway? I see no point in having it..player will always kill players cuz that's the fun of it plus I dnt see any black list on us sever? I battle there all the time and no ones complaining .
  18. I'm using android HTC inspire n still can't connect...does the android update have anything to do with it?
  19. The only time I know when I could log in is if it says "connection with sever is lost" and then while playing a few second it dc
  20. I still find myself still laging n sometimes it takes a long time just to log in :unknw:
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