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  1. Gmt-8 u might c me on morning time butbest time is on 5pm-2am Weekends all day if Nutin plan
  2. Lol it was just for fun war since sever was goin down 8)
  3. We have two more new members Spore n Hyunna plz welcome them :drinks:
  4. Yes welcome to the clan :drinks: n also welcome dannielle aka day's babe O:-) :blush:
  5. Nice ;D Im back in action
  6. sokpot

    The FoF Clan Book

    I was hoping to get in but its full n u need to buy a dragon mount to get in now before the 8. I try to sign up but still got no replied emails
  7. sokpot

    The FoF Clan Book

    I heard there's a new game coming next month calld world of midgard n its free to play. Maybe we all should try it :blush:
  8. Merry Christmas n a happy new years guys :drinks:
  9. sokpot

    farewell to all

    Bye pinoy it was nice playing with u..hope all is good out there for u ;)
  10. The game has finally came to its end :bad: :lol: Nah idk maybe they fixing it
  11. So we gota buy new crystal n runes just to replace our old ones..n buy more stuff just to amplify it. Wut a waste of money.. :facepalm:
  12. yes it was nice being kids once but Nuting wrong being kid again :pleasantry: ;D
  13. Oh BTW who is this dude vendetta kid? :facepalm: hehe he makes me laugh :rofl:
  14. O.o ..should be interesting sapphire vs emerald let c who's better.. 8)
  15. lol yea watch out he's a snitch might get u ban..I'd say he needs to go school n learn how to write n.spell cuz no make sence :tease:
  16. u one funny dude..n u must be one of those who needs a reallife cuz ur ass is b hating all day everyday. So dnt hate appreciate :aggressive: ..look at me now..look at me now..I'm making u cri i
  17. Lol sorri..I were jus waiting until update day were coming :blush:
  18. sokpot

    Warspear Comics

    Lol nice :good:.this should be interesting..lookin forward to c the other pages n keep up the good work ;D
  19. Jus wanted to welcome Mohamad into the clan :drinks: ;D
  20. i did nt say i quit :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: lol u listed ur own name in list of players who quit ws :shok: :lol: :lol: ok I'm just glad u didn't quit :yahoo:
  21. Yes I too think this is good idea..this well be fun hopefully ;D
  22. Lol :lol:!! N day y leaving So soon? :( we well miss u till next update ;D n dnt delete ur char just yet
  23. hmm I dnt think we need a bank..we r r own bank ;Dwhich I dnt got anything.I dnt wanna use up everything they all work hard for while I do nutin :lol: to me it will be unfair not like I dnt trust them or anything. I do. we became close we can always help one another if anything. Lol idk I just want everyone be happy
  24. Yea ima be playing skyrim for awhile that game is awesome 8)
  25. Omg this arena is really frustrating :facepalm: I wait every ten hours just to lose:( hehe but thanx again for those who give me tickets..I really appreciated
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