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  1. Haha I can't seem to figure out to update the page :facepalm: ;D. cheza plz update its confusing :blush:
  2. Well let's say welcome too crystall n acemi to the clan..n thx for other for trying..it seem not enough votes n not everybody voting..ill try to vote but u c I'm not always on so I dnt teally get to kno some of u. I'll just leave it to u guys who ever on to c who wants to join n if they fit to it ;D idk?
  3. sokpot

    pac man vs bradly

    Omg this was a rige fight tho! pac was supose to witn but idk how brad won..maybe jus Like this game :pardon:..moving on Floyd vs brad :pleasantry:..which never gona happen mannly vs may weather :facepalm:
  4. sokpot

    pac man vs bradly

    But then its gona be a good fight :good:
  5. sokpot

    pac man vs bradly

    Lol shy everybody should know :blush:..but yea since when he said all gay ppl should be killed kinda got to me..u kno can't judge for ppl for who they are
  6. So the fight is tonight..who u guys going for? Sorry I lost my respect for manny..so I going for brad 8)
  7. U got my vote..hope to c u in game n have a little chit chat ;D
  8. Hey guys I'm back :blush:. I c we got some more new recruit :good: good job n welcome.. Hehe any body selling signs n def runes for cheap since they switch the stats around ;D
  9. Of course every mmorpg I played have a marketing system..finally ws will have one :good: Can u pls fix amp system..u c I'm poor player tired of gettin gold just to buy signs off ppl to find out ur hard work gone to amp failures/lost :'( no can keep up with the riches u c
  10. Lol when its gona be 3.0.0v!! Wut the f version 2.10 haha btw..they did announced all the fraction so jus u wait..only one week away. I like the new features look pretty Kool but dnt kno bout the healing critz :bad: sounds more dangerous. Why ppl crying, they never did try it yet :lol: I suggest try it first then cry later :facepalm: well anyways lookin forward to it :yahoo:
  11. So am I playing another game atm..got stuck into it(minecraft 360 edition) just building a world of my own ;D I may be bac when updates come or I just swing by to say hello some times
  12. Voltron, ninja turtles, captain planet, the land before time ;D
  13. Nice congratz to all the winner :clapping: ..hehe I have a request pls delete my photo :blush:
  14. Almost had a lucky day...$200 bucks came in slots but went away in the end ;D from PAIGOW. Jus broke even..maybe later on tonight I go again lol :drinks:
  15. Wow so many ppl rat them self out..look at all these multiboxer ;D got caught >:D watch out dnt get urselr ban :rofl:
  16. Sounds good too me but dnt kno wuts my plan for the weekend yet..I trry to stop by anyways to see wuts going on..my time is gmt -8. Only time when I see most on is around 1-5am :bad: here which is my bed time lol
  17. :lol: maybe in next update dev will add it
  18. sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs sdfsdfs ops sorry sok i accidently clicked post instead if preview :blush: i was experimenting with table bbcode, tricky code it took me a while but success :yahoo:
  19. :yahoo: omg! Yes thx for the info pinoy ;) @panic I seen you around..wait ur with that dragon costume 8) u got my vote
  20. Just wanna welcome all the new guys :drinks: sorry haven't been on lately..but hopefully we can meet pretty soon:) oh n happy cambodian/Thai/Laos new years :drinks: ima be busy this weekend ;D
  21. Yes slay is right..despite of this day n moh is still my friend :drinks:
  22. Haha soo funny :facepalm: believe wut u all want..just to let u kno..I dnt like accepting items nor do I ask for it..did u read..says u can share if u want too its up too u, u dnt hav too..now that u mention ex wog..I kno one who was always cryin just cuz he didnt get the drop he wanted..more like he wanted it more to themself..with ash n Knox having lvl 18 items. Some were just a trade for trade n maybe they do deserve it cuz that time they were hard working hunters..bout the hunts we do always try to take turns but some of u just cant listen n mess up n steal yo..realtalk my ninja.. n who r u crosss to judge us!!
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