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  1. OMG I was cast away somewhere far away n finally have returned!! Only to c wog has a king..(should I over throw them haha jk..I am forever ever greatful to them for keepin this clan together (cheza)n may this clan grow to an ever powerful one ;D. Small story to tell haha but yea I kno some of u will hate the decisión I made but I think ITs for the best of wog..all hale the new lead

  2. Chain only good againt melee n useless when using against range type.u still get attack on. Hard to hit n run when warp n still get hit on. Range fighter with close combat skills....:/ fireball the best

  3. hello just wanted to say happy 4th of july n who ever popin fire works have fun n be safe..im not gona be on today cuz ima party n get drunk lol. CYA whn im drunk :lol: :drinks:

  4. LvL            Runes                                                        Crystals

    -12 Imcomplete Rune of Fortitude        -13 Dull Crystal of Inspiration[bow]

    -12 Incomplete Rune of Healing            -13 Dull Crystal of Monn[staff]
    -13 Incomplete Rune of Moonx2          -13 Dull Crystal of Astral[staff]
    -13 Incomplete Rune of Darkness          -12 Dull Crystal of Accuracy x5
    -12 Incomplete Rune of Dodge              -12 Dull Crystal of Deadlinessx2
    -14 Incomplete Rune of Reflection        -12 Dull Crystal of Harmony
    -11 Supreme Rune of Defense                -14 Dull Crystal of Dexterityx3
  5. u guys think we should add some third gen. to help voting too..maybe one or two? if yes tell the name on who to vote for to help vote. or well need one spot to cover queen n king since ther vote count as one

  6. I c but reading it won't do any good n that's is ur guys problem besides he seems like a good person regardless wut he did or did not in the past but kno this ill be watching

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