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  1. Klonasx


    Thanks I was to lazy to do it
  2. Klonasx


    Doesnt show anything
  3. yeah just my english isnt good
  4. So yeah.. since the dungeon in nadir came out none of the lower guild players cant enter normal or hard or heroic... So what about If your guild lvl is lvl 1 ur in a totaly diffrent class whit only lvl 1 guilds and lower reward Kinda like arena classes. (Sorry for all the mistakes)
  5. ducking gm :bad: isint hard hard inaf?????? why heroic?! Its to hard for some of us :unknw:
  6. Finally fineshed hard :shout: :shout: only heroic left now :facepalm:
  7. kinda hard to belive, how much gp did u make then? :/
  8. If we have to do swamps + heroic..... duck it you can delete the new island
  9. Im not a newbie just not pro xd Im ranger lvl 18 full kw and +6 arena weap -..-
  10. Everyone hates heroic requirment... So remove it :! Warspear used to be fun yesterday... Now its just stresfull
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