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  1. Is somebode have this problem too http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=109718.0
  2. I cant install 3.13 just because of 4.0 plssssss fix OH AWESOME NOW I NEED 4.0 VERSION AND I CANT PLAY THANK YOU GM YOU ARE BEST Lol 4.0 works on my brothers phone. He have Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Android version 2.3 GM FIX WARSPEAR FOR ANDROID 2.1 PLSSS This is what support answered me on mail: - Warspear Online - 9:50 pm to srbtrollgamer This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply. This is confirmation registration of your application. Our support team will contact you if additional information will be needed. Please, visit our forum - http://forum.warspear- online.com/ and maybe you will find answer to your question or useful information about game. Thank you for contacting us. Sincerely, AIGRIND Looooool GM are you trolling us or what?
  3. I was playing Warspear 3.13.3 then i saw there is 4.0version but i can still play with old version. So i downloaded new one and installed. When i enter in Warspear it says this: The application Warspear Online (process com.aigrind.warspear) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I cant even open loading screen. Im playing Warspear on HTC Wildfire. Andrioid version 2.2 Pls fix this. Ill now try to download version of game 3.13.3 and ill try to play on old version
  4. I know to draw really cool things. So my question is if i draw few pictures which are about Warspear can i get free Miracle coins? Where to publish my pics? How much i can earn?
  5. You can amp more. If you amp to +10 share pic pls ;)
  6. All of those miss and mister are from China/Japan/Korea ;D ;D ;D
  7. Amp lvl 20 spear 8) and then post picture ;D
  8. SRBgamer


    Well i played all Assassins Creed parts sp its same as White Hoddie and Black Hoddie because in AC u can buy hoddie ;D
  9. Well u can make money with dmg spheres i sell each 900gold this week my profice was like 35-36k ;D so lets just say that i dont need to get wpn or armor drop ;D
  10. Wooow nice work dude :) keep amping :)
  11. That happened to me 100 times ;D
  12. SRBgamer


    Did they get licence for Assassin costume?
  13. Not bad. How much + your weapon?
  14. SRBgamer


    Cool idea,what about to put heroes decorative skins? :)
  15. They probably arent yet finished update 4.0 :(
  16. Sometimes ws cant matchmake u with other 11-14 because they didnt started arena, but 15-16 started and the other opponents of their lvl didnt started. So u and your team are enough strong to beat lvl 15-16 and its better u gain more points then u get with ur lvl opponents :)
  17. SRBgamer


    Well i only have costumes from mcshop and arena shop later ill have rare ;)
  18. I know but i hunt like this. I play ws on phone and i hunt in same time i play bf3 till genie respawns so im not bored ;D
  19. Wooooow i hunt genie all day but spheres only
  20. :! you have +7 and +2 lvl 17swords. You should amp them equally :!
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