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  1. to Roland, Snorlax, also peter_munk, just want to tell u the costume of holiday girl herald get bugged, before update i can see the hair come from hat, no its cant.. please check it back because i love the costume.. now its become a bald girl using santa hat.. sorry to post it here also out of topic.. best regard you can fix it..
  2. idk why, its better to keep the hair rather than make it bald.. pls gm change its back likw before its not gonna making game imbalance..
  3. I think gm made a change about how this costume look like, before it was we can see the hair goin from the hat, and now its gone, its not pretty anymore when a girl hero using it, its look like a bald girl using a santa hat.. please bring back the old looking of this costume, because im like this costume very much.. best regard Ovelia - Us Shappire..
  4. Edit the picture so look more badass.. bump..
  5. Haha.. thanks for the feedback samir, boss should to be bad also badass.. but yea my drawing is not so good btw.. hehe
  6. When the war continously arise in world of arinar.. Both side have to find the greatest weapon to win the war even on the bad side.. Then sentinel and legion begin to seeking powered mystical weapons.. There was a rumor far before ayvondil found, a mystical lamp buried deep inside on the greatest pyramid of ayvondil.. Powerful soul was caged inside the lamp, looking for revenge, who has been killed and caged by a warrior.. Hungry with soul, blood of elf, mountain clans, forsaken also chosen. Then this time was come again, when them seeking my power to get a greatest weapon on the world of arinar. But i can't said anything, just face me and your death, come here bring your soul. Let me take you to the underworld, when we can play together. KALA (Henchmen of Underworld). You should make a sidequest to get to this boss, like a daily quest or special quest. Find something and take you to the boss altar, also make this boss have 3 minion. Should be place on pyramid or deep inside pyramid with quest. With a mid large map style, boss in middle, sentinel come from right side portal, legion from left side portal, also give some wormhole like on pontifices nest that can give a damage when near it. Hp boss : 2.000.000 or higher Atk : 600+ Magic atk : 550+ Deff : 7000/8500 Mdeff : 5000/6500 Skill : 4* poison shield (necro skill + make it passive) with lifesteal, 4* panic (necro skill), 4* dark aura (priest skill black colored ), 5* all blind (shaman skill), 5* big circle (warlock skill) , 5* quake (shaman skill) Powerfull skill : deep breath ( aoe skill that reduce hp of player like 25%, 80% chance ) Also do beserk when hp near 25% of it. ( increase 15% physical atk and magic atk ) Hp minion : 20.000 / 45 second spawn Atk : 300-500 Magic atk : 250-450 Skill : 5* blind, 5* shield (for boss), 4* barkskin When clear the boss there must be a box opened like dungeon. Or just dropped by boss, also make it drop costume, weapon exactly, armor and etc.
  7. Lol see arena ring get 6% dmg. And craft just get 3% dmg. Same as ice set.. but still better horror circus item for mine..
  8. Just a suggestion on US-Sapphire, ppl cant make elf nowadays, idk why but on othet server let u make new character on sentinel side.. i just want gm remove that lv 3 character that abused on US, cause a load of ppl using it before for tourney, they make low lv, then lv it to 3, also all the best name i see on lv 1-3, idk why they keep that name.
  9. Dear Devs, Peter-Munk or Roland just wanna know some answer from u, 1. Harad Tears got delay animation after update, does thats a bug or update?? 2. I Think the chance of bursting another enemy is reduced too for Harad Tears?? my skill are 4/5, so the chance is same as 1/5 3. And for the Redemption Expert Skill, the heal amount of thats skill is to low for a lv 1 expert skill 4. Also give us more hotkeys to phone player specially who used 4 inch phone, cant switch it so fast, so u can make new hotkeys 2 bar like my attachment and for all i say thanks to gms
  10. Yes, need some reduce price of skill expert like 30.000 - 35.000 gold.. its way too expensive
  11. where i see is tamoae and pvprange cry everywhere.. :'( :'(
  12. :'( :'( :'( R.I.P M.C.S.A.K.E.N :'( :'( :'(
  13. pala skill is not 7x7, its 4x4 range.. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: whats its wrong with u all,
  14. remember when lock owned arena 5x5, and now u complain about banner skill..
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