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  1. Does anyone think the new ranger skill "explosive trap" nerfs rangers against casters? Because I assume u have to walk into it for it to work, so kinda hard to use on casters unless u just walk up and put it on them lol. But not worth it probably cause ur taking hits while walking. I think I need to use bows instead of cbows now as casters seem to got alot stronger with their new skills.
  2. Just wondering and I think many others are too is how many skill points do you get at lvl22? And how long before lvl30 update? Cause it would be kind of dumb to amp a new lvl19 arena weapon then 4months later lvl21 arena weaps come out. Sorry if I'm missing something, please explain?
  3. Ohh yeah I remember I seeing that now. Ok but territories is nothing like CTF, its more like castles. So I guess this ideas are bump
  4. Sounds good! I hope devs add it, their fans would love it.
  5. Ok here's a really good idea! Instead of just the repetitive wars that go on in the game, I think it would be a really awesome to add permanent objectives. Objectives such as the good ol' classic capture the flag! And then every day or week you can switch up to a new objective. Another cool objective I know would be really fun is territories. Like there would be 6 locations between Mc and Elf T4's all start off neutral then both Mcs and Elfs rush to capture them all. Once captured opponents can then try to recapture it. All the while gaining points (not gp or arena points just score points) for aslong as you have it captured. And there should be a display on screen that shows the score of both mcs and elfs. For capture the flag it would be fun to have 2 flags one on Mc T1 and another on Elf T1. And then basically it would be just a crazy fun challenge for both Mc and elf armies/guilds trying to steal the flag and take it back to their t1 for a score. Also you should only be able to see where both flags are on the map. I dont know how hard it would be for you devs to do this but I guarantee you if done it would make Warspear a blockbuster! You guys will be making big bucks if done right. Your welcome
  6. No please just add hot keys without taking time switch otherwise thats not the point of a hot key
  7. Please add more hot keys and the ability to assign armor and weapons to them. I think many people would appreciate that. Thanks
  8. Best setup is 5power,5bless,3fire, 3trap. No point in 3scatter cause only knocks back opponents 3feet feet n takes 1sec for them to get back you. 3traps holds them in place longer and can put 2
  9. Whats do good about 3scatter? Only knocks back ppl 3 squares takes 1second to for them to get back to you. 3 trap you can put down 2 traps and and holds enemies for 4secs
  10. Alliances between alliances lol thats just stupid dazz. No one is going is going to ask for that, me and councillor are the only ones pushing for an alliance chat in the first place. Not to mention alot of guild leaders like the idea. Its not going to be confusing in anyways, just make a separate chat with different color for allied guilds to communicate to eaxhother. Not so confusing or hard to do... its makes planning and more organized wars much easier and better!
  11. First off too the noob Angelo im pretty sure it is my idea cause I assume your saying that cause you saw the councillors post. Well let me inform you that I told him we should do that a couple months ago and even shouted in ws so yeah .
  12. I think it would be a really good idea to add an alliance an chat between guilds. So that this way players can be more active by doing more planning/talking. I think it be an awesome feature thus making warspear more fun. Thats my idea ok thanks!
  13. Better build imo is 5power 5bless 3fire 3trap
  14. Cross bows better with ice cause gives more dmg boost
  15. Need alliance chat for this to work
  16. To whom it may concern, if you noticed there has been alot of mc ganking going on at PvP cave. It's time for us Elfs to fight back! That's why im saying if you want to go to war PvP cave it would be best for us all to meet Nadir PvP at 12p.m. Standard Pacific time and 6p.m. Standard Pacific time. This is the official daily war schedules for PvP cave. I encourage all elfs to please to try to be there and show support! Thank you
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