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  1. Hello there,

    I'm a bd from US Sapphire, and it's been level 10 for a long time . And unfortunately because of my last quest at circus I leveled up to 11 :(. I was hoping if you could help me by undoing my last quest so I go back to level 10. I request you, Please help .


    Thank you.

  2. Its a good idea to make a pvp tournament.

    My opinion or suggestion on how it should work


    1. Base starts

    2. All skills/Tricks/Plans are allowed.

    3. If the arena time runs out...Highest damage maker will be considered as winner.



    All the rest is good. But point 3 is not. Non healers die fast. And taking a rogue vs druid. Druid heals and runs. Rogue does more damage than druid... just before rogue dies times up. Rogue still win. I don't think so. Normal pvp is better.

  3. These quests are annoying.  Opened 4 set sign half of them were empty. And rest got somthing else which I don't need. Been farming them all day. All gear broken for 4 set. In the end useless.

  4. Developers do nothing except giving suggestions.  There was this one scammer who scamed many accounts like selder and he even try scam me but I know how scammers are so I've taken screen shots and posted here. All dev could say was send a ticket. And I even sent that. Been for over a week or two. He still plays game with new scamming technique.  Selling costly items very chep. And saying it doesn't work give personal details*z*. Then scam. And all dev just say report. And nothing happens. You might get your account back but scammer is not banned.


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    Scammers must be Banned forever. ...

    There find new ways to scam everytime, here is another who offers 700 miracle coins for just 30k .. He has been posting it all over world chat for more than 2 hours and I've decided to check what's with him now.

    I asked him how he was gonna transfer mcoin to my account. He said just give me your ID and there is no need of your password and ill transfer in 2-3 min.  I said  fine. I've created a new account with just one char level 1 and I pm him for transfer... He says char must be level 10 to get mcoin and that is posted at warspear website , and soon logs off as I ask him to send me the link where this was written. I wonder how he was gonna scam the account with just the ID without password.(maybe try reset password) but all newbies be aware. Of these scammers. :friends:


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