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  1. He moves like whispers, claiming lives walking death, whom none survived Character in the shadows, keeping vigil to thwart any vile and sinister act.Puts on a mask with eerie smile, appareled in black, sending the malefactors back to hell. Origin The Legend says that in the world of tyrants and wicked,where they ruled over the innocent, a prediction was made by the necromancers that a boy will be born with a symbol of star on his hand, having exceptional abilities who would bring down the throne of cruel tyrants. And so it did happen. But before the boy could even walk, his parents were killed and he was thrown into the realm of Gehenna; a hell on earth where the abominable and rotten spirits dwell, where all the nefarious and fiendish supernatural lodge.So that his spirit would get entrapped in it for eternity.However, with his exceptional competency, he miraculously survived. And nearly after two decades he appeared from the gates of hell to send back the wicked to their actual destination. Costume Once, a girl was being tortured to death by a tyrant, in her last breaths, she saw a sillouhette moved behind the tyrant, she could hear some daunting whispers, she said she couldn't see much as she was fainting.however, what she caught in the glimpse, she describes it as, "Wearing a silver with tinged white mask with idiosyncratic and eerie smile and a black dress with silver scales on it.The scales looked like as if it were of the infamous silver dragon of Gehenna, could he have beaten it? the dress was emitting some dark aura as if it were made from the dark matter itself. i could see the tyrant with frantic paroxysm, he was transfixed as if he had seen in the eyes of death.I saw the masked man raising hand and then i passed out.The next day i woke up and found myself in the arms of my mother. I was elated as well as scared since the last night". i'd appreciate your thoughts, either it's to amend my hieroglyphic or about the costume (:
  2. edited. i appreciate your concern.
  3. Menu > Interact > player profile an option which specifies the player's origin. for example: Name : "Someguy" Real Name: "Bruce" Country: "Narnia" it should also include total "death" and "kills" e.g; Death(s): 320 Kill(s): 4331 ("kills" only counts when you kill the players contradicting factions, not when you kill mobs/bosses/arena rivals.killing only counts when the player to be assassinated is of appropriate level. for example; if you're lvl 20 then the kill only counts when you slay a player from level 18-24 and vice versa) it would also be flashy if a player holds some titles based on Killing or completing quests. in this way a player can search other players for related country and add them as friends so they don't feel lonely playing this game. ( i guess ). [if you think this topic is fragmentary and lacking some material. you're more than welcome to suggest]
  4. https://youtu.be/UVFwC2NUtzA this is my very first edited Amv ever. i hope you'll enjoy it.
  5. i was just gonna suggest this suggestion, "Specific Skills Description".........
  6. i checked yesterday before posting this...i could not find any poll of this...anyways (@snorlax or R0land, delete this topic. ty)
  7. here's what I've been wondering. if a player's character dies by; -Fire-arrow: he would burn to ashes. -A Critical strike (by sword): his head would be chopped off. -Poison:his corpse would be deceased. -Hamstring: his hands and legs would be chopped off. -Chop: he would bleed to death. etc etc... (i used he/his for a character) it would be fun, watching a player's character rot off as he takes his last breaths....well...would be amusing, right?
  8. -Editing Software i make amvs so i know many softwares but most proficient Video Editing Software in my opinion are: 1: Sony Vegas Pro 2: Adobe after effects 3: cinema 4d my personal is Sony Vegas -Capturing Video i usually use: 1:Screencast-O-matic its easy to use and capture screen video
  9. add a lab/dungeon where level 18-24 players can hunt for miracle items or miracle coins and also add dragon catcher and dragon hunter bosses where players can get their costumes/weapons and miracle items like signs sets, tickets sets, unity signs sets etc.
  10. it would Lag, if 100 mcs meet 100 elfs at the same location.
  11. no game no life......its been 14 days.... where.... is 13th episode of NGNL.... im suffering from withdrawal symptoms...
  12. for the love of God... please stop :facepalm:
  13. yea, that should satisfy him.
  14. u should beg to gms' to make a banner in Warspear written "Pvpranger no#1 player" on it. :facepalm:
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