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  1. 5 hours ago, Peony said:

    Castle “Sea Turtle”


    The fort, located in the very heart of the V sector, definitely makes for the main place of power in the Ship Graveyard. Become the sole owner of the new Castle and get access to its incredible powers!


    Please keep in mind the requirements for capturing the Castle:

    minimum guild level: 7 (SEA-Pearl: 3)

    number of participants for the attacking guild: 70

    number of participants for the defending guild: 70


    Also, with the opening of the Sea Turtle Castle, the frequency of captures will change and the Guild will be able to have its own fortress for as long as 5 weeks.


    Additionally, with update 8.4, castles in I, II and III sectors of Ayvondil will have their parameters of scroll production in the Workshops changed: the time and cost of creating it will increase, but the amount of bonuses will increase too. If, as before, for example scrolls had one bonus, now there will be four, independently of the Castle.Their development cost will also change and the amount of resources needed will be updated for each Castle.

    will the castle capture be next week?


    On 4/11/2020 at 8:32 PM, Babocool said:

    Fix the incorrect work of Serpentus.


    There's a bug with the Serpentus boss.

    When you stun it, for example a rogue gouges it and hits boss afterwards the mobs don't appear and your able to kill the boss without the 4 or 5 mobs spawning. 


    Please fix that ASAP, thanks

    Just a proof


    Correction. Or if you hit the boss with 0 dmg, mobs don't spawn. @Akasha


    Screenshot_20200412-160132_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20200412-160125_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20200412-160119_Video Player.jpg

  3. 21 minutes ago, vla-wot said:

    if gm no make fix, babo u have luck bug traps and gz, gm no fix warspear dead

    Gib salt gib tears. Learn to play other classes than barb 😛

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