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  1. Just now, Santa Claus said:

    Bd do way more dmg than charmers just bcs u have outdated bds with def books in ur server doesnt change fact that they can do more dmg than charmer in same bosses


    1 minute ago, Ivoo said:

    try this relic w hunter poison u will see same results or bd bleeding once rage is on all hits become crit

    once again, Charmer Section. Dont compare them with any class.:sadowl:

  2. 1 minute ago, Ivoo said:

    3.6k hits big deal needs get nerfed i can show u living proof how seeker hits 9-10k autos or chief 15k crit, rogue 10k autos this relic nd everything is balanced 

    nobody cares about seeker, this is a charmer topic. even if seeker crits 10k, it's not guaranteed by a relic, its them maxing out crit stat. 

    I would love to see that any other class crits x3 cause of a relic. go on


  3. 1 hour ago, whateverrrrrrrrr said:

    lie more? do you even play a charmer? anyway. the damage of charmer doesnt matter. What matter is, How can a relic allow to crit 24/7 on 3 dogs? In the Relic description, its explained as, When YOU spawn a dog during "RAGE" effect, it is a guaranteed crit, however.. A charmer can spawn 3 dogs before the rage activates, once rage activates, all 3 of them crit the boss/monster. I doubt its supposed to work like that, its way too broken. I see this as a serious matter, I dont need people to come here telling me im lying.

    a video to prove my state.

    No rage was activated before the dogs hit the Dummy, but when rage activated, all 3 could crit.


    This video is a example how it works now, I dont know how people even try to defend this relic. Being able to crit 3.6ks each dog nonstop is too much. The Relic should work as its described in the description. 


  4. 5 minutes ago, legolad said:

    And the relic is supposed to grant crit to skill when its used after rage is activated not like its working for dogs now. Now you can spawn 3 dogs and dont have rage on and after your rage activates it grants crit to dogs and thats pretty much permanent. I think they should make it 1 crit for each spawned dog under the effect rage.

    this is how it should work, the way its working now.. is way too broken. literally spam 3 dogs before something respawn and hope for a rage and tada all 3 start critting.. even tho, the relic description says something else.

  5. 5 hours ago, Santa Claus said:

    Gates and throne boosted mean there is 

    So we need to make it impossible to get castle ? Game should be balanced which it never will be . Idk whos idea was this but those numbers are insane. 500k for 1 gate to be destroyed with resil. Then 200k throne . How would some1 even beat t1 with 30 ppl  ?

    Remove players limit in all castles. Easily fixed.

    Just like it used to be when castles came out.

  6. There's a reason this book is rare and drop from Raid boss only.



    Distortion was dropped from Events, Multiple dg events. It was obvious that this book would get nerfed.


    You want a Raid Boss Book to be nerfed cause its too "OP". In my opinion, this book shouldn't be nerfed cause it drops from a Raid Boss and it can't be dropped anywhere else. 


    People suggested to make it a % chance.. how would that even work? Imagine, you have to fight every single guild to win the Boss, you have to at least get 30 members every day to activate the Boss, all this effort for a % chance book? In EU-EMERALD only 3 books been dropped so far. In US-SAPHIRE only 1 book been dropped so far.  There's a reason this book is dropped like once a year. If there would be like 20 books each server, I would understand this, but yet. I'm sure there's less than 25 books in all servers together. It has been out like, I don't know.. 3 years? I don't understand the complaints here, if any of you got this book.. you would be quiet. 


    So think about this again.. is it worth complaining all day about a book which like less than 25 people own?


    I don't think it does, cause after all, you put a lot of effort to get this book as a guild. You pay a lot of gold to get this book cause its like 0,00082838% drop chance every kill.



  7. 51 minutes ago, Risc said:

    Deity Statue

    [Review]: Its more or less useless in any scenario. Apart from being a decoy of sorts when used on general mobs or to distract charmer pets in arena. The damage absorption is not useful.

    [Suggestions]: I feel this skill can be made similar to a Totem. Players standing near it, get some useful buffs like increased health/energy regeneration, skill cooldown speed, etc

    This expert skill should be like shamans weakness totem. It should decrease enemies pene/accu. 


    The Sentinel Side needs stuff like that nowadays since the MC side has got tons of skills which can make your def/mdef/ pene/accuracy to 0%.

    53 minutes ago, Risc said:

    Touch of Truth

    [Review]: Its useful in PVP. At max level it gives a reasonable period of silence. However, its best used when using mace. Quite useless with staff. While its the opener for getting stun proc with Blame, stun in general gets resisted a lot.

    [Suggestions]: This skill should become ranged. In order to make it applicable when playing with staff. In addition, I feel it should have a debuff for reducing defense stats for a limited time, to make it more viable for either pve or pvp.

    It's a good idea to make this skill ranged, you can't really use this skill if you're inside of a big crowd fight. Staff templars could be more useful than they are now. :vp-looking:

  8. I dont think any of this is needed for Castle.

    What really is needed for Castle is a rework.

    I understand that inside Castle (Forest Heart) the gates got 250k hp and the Throne has 50k hp. Thats fair cause its 30vs30, but then, if you look at t2 castle, t3, t4 and T5.. 

    In t4 Castle are 60 players allowed to participate.. The Gates are 250k hp and they got 0 def, as well the throne with 50k hp.

    As far as I saw, most t5 (70 Players allowed) (Sea turtle Castles) are being captured by the first wave.. The gates die in less than 10 secs if the attacking group reaches it. The attacker wave gets through and the defending guild cant do anything. They can just watch people walking to throne.

    The game should increase the HP of inside Gates and Throne. It makes no sense that The Sky Sanctuary(T4) or Sea turtle(T5) Castle has exact the same Gates and Throne HP like in Forest heart (T1). I understand having a Castle, upgrading it, is a risk of your own cost, but.. I dont know how fair it is for the defending guild, to have the exact Hp the same hp at gates and throne as in Forest Heart.

    My suggestion is. If you level up your Castle, The HP & Def of Gates  and Throne should increase. as well the strength of the npcs helping you to defend it.

    My guild has successfully defended sea turtle Castle, but still.. it was a sweat defending the 0 def gates.

  9. 8 minutes ago, AmceRe said:

    its kinda funny how hard mercs cry here because they lost with 3 star war buff (which isnt fair either in a gvg btw) + castle buffs to a guild with none of both (real reason why they decided to make a topic), while the mc guild HASNT even used this non existing „bug“.

    but typical for zeus to cry when hes losing too much :) .

    @Nolanif youre already reworking stage 1 then you may aswell add the snow GvG feature where a round automatically ends after 3-4minutes. Stage 1 is all about who gets the first crown and hides it in their camp.

    maybe also remove the blessings buff from the crown holder like in snorlar gvg commander?

    agree to this. 


    whoever gets the crown first.. basically won the GvG.

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