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  1. 19 hours ago, LeeLoo said:

    Revision of Guild Skills in the Battle for Territories


    Guild Blessing, Guild Unity, and Guild's Magic Orb will no longer be usable during the Battle for Territories at locations that house Alliance flags starting with Update 12.3. These skills will be available until 5 minutes before the event, and will become available again immediately after the event ends.

    Life scroll should be banned as well.

    A barb can just revive every 90 secs and hit the flag freely for 8 10 whatever seconds due to last wish + passive. This was to counter with globes, now the flag will just melt. Barb is taking 0 damage during all that phase, which allows them to do over 20k dmg by just one life scroll.

    Change the skill or bann life scrolls during as well, cause this is unbalanced.


  2. 4 hours ago, KingEric said:

    Having dodge and dmg reduction of that much in one skill would be kinda broken.. id suggest reducing the effect of dodge while increasing the duration but still adding the damage reduction, maybe not 25% but like 15-20%. Everything wlse you stated tho i totally agree, rangers havent had their shine since 2014-2017. Every update since then has been a nerf to rangers, rogues as well. Its time rangers get the love they deserve and once had. They are completely useless compared to other classes.. and also

    image.png Blessing of the Mountains: Reduces all incoming damage to the character by H% and increases his “Dodge” parameter by D% for T sec.


  3. On 11/12/2023 at 4:38 AM, Daniel Paulo said:

    Magic chief, which is the majority of players who play chief, doesn't have focused damage, and unlike physical chief that use frenzy 4/4, magical chief also doesn't have stun... magical chief in the arena, if it's not full gz and wants to win, it's kind of a support, many people put the skill leather and the resistance skill on a warlock or hunter like a support, the healing in this case is literally like a support healing itself when the enemies turn on it, this is ridiculous, a minority are the physical chiefs and ask for nerfs to the chiefs in general , most of which are magical and deserve a buff.

    magic chief is made for mass fights, not for arena. if you want to be good in arena, go for physical set. The Damage a magic chief does in gvg/mass fights is way too high and you want more of it, you clearly are a chief user right?


    you want more damage than this? this is just from one chieftain. Now imagine theres more than 30 of them with their stacked aoe and you are asking for more?


  4. 9 hours ago, Lilweasel said:
    12 hours ago, Jaan said:

    If im not wrong the majority of toxic people comes from the guild that u leading. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that they don't even stay to help, they eventually return to that hole, or they just come to create small guilds and divide the coexistence between legion players

    Surely.. lol.

  5. On 11/13/2023 at 9:22 AM, Ahmed Didar said:

    What? Really? Nerf? You are saying that? LMFAO, NO WAY MAN

    You are just literally crying now cause your class became shit. Suggesting a Damage Reduction skill for ranger meanwhile asking for Rugged Hide nerf here, absurd and pathetic. You aren't a chief, nor chief is a ranger and it completely works differently being melee and ranged class. I do agree, the only broken thing I find is orci book chief, other than that, it's magic dmg isn't even near to a mage dmg for which some people say that magic chief is similar to mage and the physical dmg isn't even in top 3.

    cry me a river, like in every forum post I made:HW22_12:


    On 11/12/2023 at 10:15 PM, venom said:

    If gm gonna accept this nerf  , more players will leave, elf side already winning every content in game ( gvg , arena , raids ) and they still want more , more and more .. think twice gm before doing it and its time to improve mc side atleast for once.

    elfs arent winning every content in game. the only reason you lose everything is yourself. (meant mc side). When mc side had a perfect working guild, everything was fine for them, now they are weaker due to drama and want to use it as "elfs winning every content in this game.) If the guild had the same people, the same motivation and no toxicity, things would be way different. Russian mc side is great example for dominance. Amber at least.
    but again. this is only MY suggestion. you dont have to like it, probably nothing I said here will be used in the rebalance cause russian forum has more attention.

  6. 2 hours ago, Lyzoic said:

    its incorrect that chieftain without t5 books would be broken, there is even classes that are broken with no any t5 books when we watch templars and bm's, but no, we dont talk about that I guess. Good atleast here is no seekers talking about "shaman can crit heal on totem".

    we dont, wrong section my friend

  7. 2 hours ago, Alex Yeskin said:

    Compare with other classes that have stats without any conditions

    this mechanic with taking damage is just outdated 

    I agree. 


    10 minutes ago, Alex Yeskin said:

    I agree with you here, devs made rogues and rangers depend on evade skills in pvp, but this doesn't work as expected

    it used to work years ago when people didnt have every stat max, now its just not doable anymore.

  8. Just now, Santa Claus said:

    15 and 25 are same ?

    the difference between hunters skills and ranger skills are huge, do I have Silence skill, fear or an aoe trap? not every class must have the same % at every skill. only cause hunter and ranger are similar, it doenst mean that they should also have the same % at skills.

  9. 1 minute ago, Abi said:

    in other words this topic is a waste of time and if you truly were convinced that your suggestions are well balanced and deserved you wouldn't have ended your post with "now let the drama start" it seems like you yourself know that your post is outrageous but hey shoot your shots i guess 

    I dont care either way, I left my suggestions as everyone is allowed to.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Horimiya said:

    No, because this skill give very much stats to your class. 

    Which stats? More crit and 10% dodge?

    15% speed?

    The only useful thing in this is speed, I don't see a problem for having 15% more speed. Meanwhile other classes are able to 2 shot enemies.

  11. This Class is absurd and should be reworked as fast as possible. This class is already the most played class in mc side.

    My suggestion for this Class.

    icon_skill_8679_02.png Eagle's Eye: Applies the Eagle's Eye buff to a character for T sec. The buff deals magic damage to all enemies in the amount of M% of the character's magic power within a one-yard radius every 2.5 sec. Additionally deals the Bleeding debuff to the enemy for 8 sec. with a chance equal to the value of Critical Blow parameter. The enemy takes physical damage in the amount of P% of the character's physical power every 2 sec., you can apply multiple effects to a single enemy. The maximum number of player targets - Y, and maximum number of monster targets is X.

    Remove that this skill is able to stack, just one chief is able to give multiple bleedings is absurd, as well remove the stagger. No elf skill is able to stagger.

    icon_skill_8679_04.png Wolf's Alacrity: Applies the Wolf's Alacrity buff to a character for T sec. This buff increases the character's movement speed by S%. During the next successful auto-attack, the effect deals physical damage to the enemy in the amount of P% of the character's physical power and reduces the enemy's movement speed by R% for F sec. The effect is also removed from the character.

    Decrease the characters movement speed to  25% instead of 50%. Decrease the damage of this skill to 130% instead of 170%, the damage this class is able to do is way too much.

    icon_skill_8679_08.png Swooping Army: Creates an attacking zone in the specified area for T sec. The zone deals magic damage to all enemies in it in the amount of M% of the character's magic power every 1 sec. and reduces the Dodge parameter for all enemies by D%. The maximum number of player targets - Y, the number of monster targets - X.

    The most broken skill I have ever seen in this Game. Lower its damge to 45%, as well each Person it hits, the person receives 5% lower damage. the 3rd person receives 10% less damage and the 4th 15% less damage and so on. Lower its range to 3v3 or 4v4, the range it has now is way too much, it can hit people who are at the end of the world.

    icon_skill_8907_03.png Support of the Pack: Removes F debuffs from the character or ally, including control effect, also applies Fortitude buff on the target for T sec. Buff increases the Resistance parameter of the target by 100%. Additionally increases the effect duration by 1 sec for each debuff removed.

    Increase cd of this skill by 2 seconds, as well remove the "Additionally increases the effect duration by 1 sec. for each debuff removed." being able to perma have this skill should not be allowed.

    icon_skill_8679_09.png Rugged Hide: Applies the Rugged Hide buff to a character or group member for T sec. The effect reduces any incoming damage to the target by D% and by additional R% for every 3.5% of the target's missing health.

    Change this skill to a 30% damage reduction skill instead of the way it works now. this skill can not stay this way, you are not able to kill an chieftain in a mass fight anymore if hes fully buffed with every damage reduction in this world.

    In GvGs a chieftain is able to  have over 100% cd, almost all of his skills are perma on. Shaman and Deathknight are able to give damage reduction to this class. Elf Does not have any stagger skill or any slowing skill who can stop the chieftain from moving. Something has to be done against this class, its way too broken.

    Thanks for reading, now let  the drama start? :thanks:

  12. Ranger used to be the most played class on the elf side, but during this phase its completely useless. It has no damage in mass fights, no survivability, not even an aoe stun. Rangers dont even get invited in top guilds anymore.

    This class can not even outdamage a Bladedancer, cause the dagger speed is ridiculous. I dont even wanna say something about seeker, the damage this class does in pve is unbalanced. 
    I suggest that xbow attack speed goes to 3.0 secs each hit and bow to 2.2 secs each hit. this way, ranger will have more damage in Pve and can battle against elf dps classes. ( or the easy way, increase speed in dagger to 2.5 secs and blade to 2.8 secs.)

    My Suggesion for this Class: 

    icon_skill_evasion.png Dodge: Increases the character’s Dodge parameter for D% for 10 sec.

    Just having dodge is lame, Ranger has 0 defence, I suggest to add 25% damage reduction at 4/4 and increase the skill duration to 15 secs.

    icon_skill_beast_trap.png Beast Trap: Places the invisible trap in the specified location for T sec. When triggered, the trap chains the enemy to the spot for R sec. Maximum number of traps is S.

    This skill is completely useless nowadays, since screenbugs can ruin it. I suggest to make the radius 3x3, this way ranger can at least trigger reaction relic and wont get killed in less than 3 secs or for the best case, the trap will trigger.

    icon_skill_head_shot.png Scatter Shot: Deals the "Disorientation" debuff to the enemy for sec. Under the influence of the effect, the enemy cannot attack or apply skills, and moves chaotically around the battlefield.

    For Rangers to have an aoe stun, I only see this skill as an option, even hunter got two of aoe stuns. The Duration of this skill is only 4 seconds, it can stay that way and ranger could be able to stun at least 5 people.

    icon_skill_explosive_trap.png Explosive Trap: Places the invisible trap in the specified area for T sec. When the enemy is in the specified area, the trap explodes, causing physical damage in the amount of P% of the physical strength of the character to all opponents in the specified area. Maximum number of player targets is Y, the limit on the number of monster targets is X.

    The damage of this skill is way too low. I suggest to make it at least to 165% of rangers damage and as well add slowing effect to this skill or an burning effect. That way ranger will actually be able to do more damage in mass fights and the opponent can not run freely. 

    icon_skill_blow_bow.png Bow Strike: An attack that deals physical damage to the enemy in the amount of P% of the character's physical strength and deals the "Stun" debuff to them for T sec.

    Completely useless skill, I suggest this to be reworked to a fear/enemy slowing skill. Ranged Players are supposed to fight far away from the enemy and not stay right next to him. 

    icon_exp_sk_v9_15.png Vengeful Shot: An attack that deals physical damage to the enemy in the amount of P% of the character's physical strength and deals the "Bleeding" debuff to them for 12 sec. Also deals the "Bleeding" effect to all opponents one after the other within 2 yards of the target for 12 sec. Opponents receive physical damage in the amount of D% of the character's physical power every 2 sec. Each subsequent target takes 10% less damage from the skill. Additionally applies the Stun debuff to the target for T sec if it is under the effect of the Hunter's Cage skill. The effect does not allow to move, attack or use skills. Maximum number of player targets - Y, monster targets - X.

    The Damage of this skill was nerfed at last rebalance, after that, this skill got way too low damage. Elfs are fighting damage reduction mc players, in a mass battle, skill does 0 damage anymore. My damage could be 2000, the last person to get the bleeding debuff is only getting hit by 40% of it, which is 800 damage. adding resi, def and everything, this skill will only hit around 300. My suggestion for this skill is to increase the damage to 150%, then at last the last person would get 90% of rangers damage and the bleeding damage should hit once every second, not once every 2.

    icon_skill_storm_of_arrows.png Hail of Arrows: An attack that deals physical damage to an opponent in the amount of P% of the character's physical strength and 50% of this damage to all opponents within a radius of 1 yards. It is impossible to evade the attack. Maximum number of player targets is Y, the limit on the number of monster targets is X.

    This skill is fine, but please remove the long animation if the blessing damage is involved in this skill. as hunter have aoe slowing down effect, it would be great to have this added here. Elf got 0 stagger skills and Since Slowing trap was removed, the slowing effect could be added here.

    icon_skill_rancor.png Bitterness: If the damage is successfully dealt by an auto attack or a skill that deals instant damage, the character receives Bitterness buff for 30 sec. The effect increases the Attack Speed parameter by P%, Dodge parameter by D% and Critical Hit parameter by A%. Maximum number of effects is 5. Character loses one effect when taking damage from an auto attack or an enemy skill that deals instant damage.

    Remove that if you get hit by someone that the bitterness stacks vanish. This makes the skill useless in pvp.
    icon_talent_136.png Fire Volley: When dealing damage with the "Hail of Arrows" skill with a chance of 35%, the "Burning" debuff is applied to the enemy for 9 sec. The effect deals periodic magical damage of 33% of the character's physical strength every 3 sec. Increases skill damage radius by 1 yard.

    I suggest that EVERYONE who get hit by this skill get the chance to be hit by the burning effect, as of now, only the person you hit with it, gets the burning effect.


    массивный обстрел.png Branch “Massive Bombardment”
    Reduce the -50% attack speed, make it to 25% and allow ranger to have more skill damage. 

    тяж артил.png Heavy Artillery

    Reduces “Attack Speed” parameter by 50%, but in return increases “Skill Cooldown” parameter by 1.5% for each percentage of “Attack Speed” parameter lost. For every 5% “Attack speed” parameter lost, skill damage is increased by 3%.

  13. Ranger has not the enough damage to outdamage anyone in Pve. Xbow is way too slow compared to dagger, nowadays even bd outdamage them.
    in pvp rangers arent as good as they used to be, they took too much dmg nerfs.
    Hunter got dmg reduction, dodge, control skills and AoE stun, poison which slows people, a dmg skill which gets a lot of damage with Talent.

    meanwhile Ranger only has, some aoe skill which was nerfed to death since last skill changes, a aoe trap, which only does 125% dmg at 4/4. Ranger has 0 defence, if you dont own the Orcinus and Octopus book, you might as well delete Ranger.

    Ranger has became a useless class and its kind of sad to see, since it used to be the most played elf class.

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