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  1. 1 hour ago, Santa Claus said:

    And for those ppl who say just dont rush in paladin he wont stun u if i remember good paladin and mage can tp to group and stun whole group after that so tell me how to stop something like this ? Split maybe ? What to do if ur splitted when they will kill u 1 by 1 then

    play better? use your brain..? too much right..?:sadowl:

  2. 5 hours ago, Reeyd said:

    Hi Im new in this game, Im suggesting to move the boss beholder to ther high level area because some new player can't continue of quest cause of beholder roaming in the quest area. Im in the map 2 doing quest as a newbie, I dont have a choice is to wait 7 hours or 6 hours because of beholder boss. I heard this is a event but as newbie I will not benefit of this event because of low level and newbie. Only will benefits of this is the high level Player. Hoping Game Dev can see a negative on this event on other playaer. 

    It was way better when Beholder was in PvP cave only. the boss made the cave alive and we actually got guild fights there every day.

    but yea, the boss shouldnt be near any quester maps, a lot of people are screaming on the world chat to help them kill it, so they can finally continue quest

  3. 8 hours ago, Nolan said:



    We just checked and there's nothing wrong with that.


    You have achived the quantity of medals for the chests. You have collected 200 medals during a period of 4 hours, therefore you received 4 chests in total (50 medals per chest)

    I have received 5 chests in 4 hours and a another one 3h after, as my mailbox says. Are you sure you are right?

  4. I finished War task and got 2 battle pass chests, but im sure that I was supposed to get 1 only. 

    Now, every time I relog and go to Mailbox, this happens.




     I got 6 chest today, Im pretty sure that it is impossible. @Nolan

    is it supposed to work like that?


  5. 1 minute ago, Puppymaster said:

    talking about cry while u failed leading yy in mm for two times :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon: .ur not smart enough and using poor yy

    idk why they are dealing to stay away of war to give ur guild free buffs


    but still there is a brave guild to make it hard for elves :haha:


    Phalanx is my guild bro






  6. 1 hour ago, Puppymaster said:

    not sure if its called a war

    some of mc guilds planing with elf guilds and dealing on shameful things:coolstory2:

    idk but its fun still and there`s only one guild in mc side (Eu-emerald) server fighting against elves  :wind:

    and being hated for it:all_the_things_sad1:





    imagine dealing with elves to give them free win stars buffs:forever_alone_happy1: and be brave about

    cry is for free, you've taken a lot of it

  7. adding "Imperials of Greatness" was one of the biggest mistake this game could do. It made arena inactive, everyone could get Greatness eq for literally afking in 5x5/crucible. The suggestion to add armors and accessoires in top rank only, as it used to be, would make arena more interesting.

  8. On 5/4/2022 at 1:18 PM, snowstorm said:

    How much knowledge is required to learn all talents?

    Around 500k knowledge, when I was close to finish my Talents for the legendary achiev, I could see on the forum that I had 450k knowledge~.  I only needed 3-4 more talents to finish it.

  9. On 4/29/2022 at 8:26 PM, Emiko Neko said:

    Perhaps add a passive mode to the game, where you cannot attack players of the other army, but they cannot attack you either, allowing players to quest freely. Often i hear my friends complaining of people not allowing them to simply exist in a town because people are hiding in houses waiting to kill them, this would solve it.

    this game isnt GTA, bad idea:sadowl:

  10. 11 minutes ago, Darkdogyy said:

    There definitely is a cap for underwater speed, because there is no difference in time when you run with Rat or without it. I think cap might be approximately 200%.

    I believe there is a cap too. I have the book and all talents, yet people are as fast as me. I just want to know if I have a wasted book on my character. 

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