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  1. its impossible to finish this achiev now, I did almost everything in this game daily, and im around 250k Knowledge behind. is Knowledge bugged? @Dr Strange
  2. play better? use your brain..? too much right..?
  3. good idea, sadly never added. still waiting for it
  4. It was way better when Beholder was in PvP cave only. the boss made the cave alive and we actually got guild fights there every day. but yea, the boss shouldnt be near any quester maps, a lot of people are screaming on the world chat to help them kill it, so they can finally continue quest
  5. Okay, then thank you
  6. I have received 5 chests in 4 hours and a another one 3h after, as my mailbox says. Are you sure you are right?
  7. I finished War task and got 2 battle pass chests, but im sure that I was supposed to get 1 only. Now, every time I relog and go to Mailbox, this happens. I got 6 chest today, Im pretty sure that it is impossible. @Nolan is it supposed to work like that?
  8. I'm not sure if its a bug or something, but in EU-Emerald we only get 4min, 3min, 2 min and 1 min War Notification. Long time ago, we used to get 3h, 1h and 30 min too, has it been changed or is it bugged? @Nolan
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