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  1. maybe will np but promblem is cd pit is low can use ewry sleep necros n the thing bad for priest wenn the use redemp n fails by screen bug or game bug on steps wenn enemy att u get failed redemp so necro sleep again n u lose so whos is op
  2. and as i read priest n necro story in my oponion priest shoulded have mental pit bcs priest is class witch weakness enemy but necro got witch by story not supported to have but now just got priest mystic mark witch weakness enemy deff only that il agree for priest but still useless in pvp mode only for dgs
  3. Why can't necros class have a skill that kills u if you move? that skill shit exlusive threat i never laked most ever bad skill for me if could exchange priest exlusive threat to necro skill pit i will see who like pit or exlusive *z*
  4. why priest class cant get skill witch lower dmg n make cooldown stoped till skill active
  5. So noone ask about mystic mark so how much dmg deal if use 3 times this skill n what cd will be for that skill?
  6. Hi can make double chance event wenn horror ends + lower giuld point using on skill study will be good
  7. agreed with skynete they said 1pt can kill wenn 10adds up same time omg shit liers lower hp they uped to much n 7pt didint killed so what r u saying about 1pt kill elm dont joke n stop lie.
  8. do there is a chance to make scrolls witch remove wep skin but its become personal in bag n u can use for other weapon i know is there cleasing scrolls but i mean not these bcs its just remove
  9. noone killed black elm till now idk who gona kill it. what about slug impossible till now need atleast 20k pdef:-D
  10. make mob demmage lower its waste of tons repairs n i cant solo 14k hp mini boss withou summon or pot. so wenn try run mobs by 4 u can die easy soonn mobs will have gighter dmg then us
  11. were os ayvonbil town 3 ouest it haved only 1ouest yellow wenn reeport no more ouest were is????
  12. agreed with chest vote ywas gived for nothing we get junk they got more better thing then us
  13. i hope hydra spirit gona change othher boss is a bad idea lvl18 items too cheap n noone farm it
  14. could u make on neutral teritory like shaman shield skill wont effect elfs bcs wenn u kill kronus or afk at kronus they use shield witch drop u down n evade kronus n kronus switch att to another player so all die then mcs taking kill so elfs cant do same too for oponion is a bit bad ?
  15. okay good chest but that a bit bad if u get skin like cbow or staff skin n its personal u cant use for bd rog or any other
  16. roland im about system avchievment wenn u not done in 1day then next dayu did again last boss or somting still not done wenn u kill again all u done there is a big or what would u fixx that bcs in 1day is hard to move ewryvere?
  17. roland why us need again do avchienmwnt dungeon berangar tower n choosen once we do now nneed do again even lvl24 doswnt gets drop ?
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