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  1. Some video from Akasha - BR-Tourmaline. Enjoy
  2. Please Devs let's do it! Me and a lot people wanna play!!! No more maintance! Go finish that! :(
  3. The question is: Stop crying people! The game are expanding! New areas, New skills, New bosses, New prizes, and A LOT of possibilities! All of us, will can made a different ways in the game. Most people seem to only satisfied with pvp, and there are many things to do in the game! Now lab its back for a great prizer! Now we can do Armors in craft. PLEASE STOP CRYING! People just want to do well for themselves... :bad: Warspear are awesome! And will doing better every day! If you not endure, Go drink some milk and Lmao. :dirol:
  4. "I wanna love u, and threat u right I wanna love u, Everyday and everynight" :snorlax: :snorlax: :snorlax: :snorlax:
  5. Why 30 minutes if the real-time maintenance will take 1 hour (or more)?? :facepalm:
  6. "BD is so weak now" WTF!? I'm laughing too much of this joke! :facepalm:
  7. So, why the Necromancer can't use our poisonous shield on his own minion??? Suxxx
  8. True! Please devs, give a look for US! (Necromancers)! We sacrifice our lives, to give live to another ppl.. We are the true champions! 8)
  9. OH MAAAN! AGAIN!? The testing team of devs is on vacation? Why the server was brought online with so many bugs? :sorry:
  10. Yeah, sure.. I know very well what it is to struggle to win things .. I have a lvl 14 rogue who easily kill a lvl 20. What did I'm saying is that if you do not spend much money on mcoin, you will never be able to defeat a guy with these items. Do not just play well. Items make a difference yes. ;)
  11. I did heroic tower with time counting, but I did not get her missing 10 min for server disconnects :dirol:
  12. Don't cry ppl, the warning was showing from 40 min .. Why you entered the dungeon with the server about to fall? This is not the fault of the developers .... :bad:
  13. Another question: Why the arena awards, don't be other itens??? This itens its so FUC*ING cheat! The campion will be receive MORE DAMAGE, MORE RESI, AND WILL BE MORE STRONGER THAN BEFORE?? What chance of their challengers will have? These items are very unjust to award over other competitors because it makes them stronger, even stronger?? :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: Staff team, i'm sad with you :sorry:
  14. I'm do not are glorious to say that, but I meet two "champions" of that list, that won this award, by cheating mcoin ... :bad: This is unfair to those who play clean. But, wht i can do about that? Only get raged will not resolve my problems :facepalm:
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