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  1. Well according to the rules pretending to be gm leads to perm ban
  2. Im trying to add screenshots but of course they dont make it easy
  3. There are some players that are scammers and pretend to be gm. BESTBARB on us sapphire server mc side is one of these players. Do not give your personal info to anyone.
  4. This is great news. Arena season should definitely be shorter then it has been. This is called progress in the game and the only people i see having a problem with this announcement are greedy ones.
  5. We all lost stamina on the seekers that we bought with real money. Even to fix a bug how is that ok?
  6. Hey isnt that a picture of Harry Potter in Diagon alley!
  7. It looks like its time for some rest and relaxation time. Log out of forums and go get laid already. Always remember to wrap it before you tap it.
  8. I voted of course for my son jay the bone even tho the only rogue that can beat me is weed. Sneaky little guy just wait till I get new gears worth amping.
  9. All these years I been killing elves by the thousands all alone! Isnt there suppose to be a big war? Its like everyones living under a rock or in a cave somewhere
  10. There was no trolls today yet again. Maybe not enough people on mc/forsaken side trying. I feel like we are getting trolled making the weekend event into an almost 3 week one was a bit to much in my opinion. Just hope this is last time. Its nice to give people that play for years something that the new players cant have. Unfortunately I dont think they view it as profitable i guess
  11. Im sorry bro. I honestly forgot you own Joethetank now. There are so many players and so many personal messages I gave up trying to keep track a long time ago. Again im sorry and you know I wouldn't kill you on purpose.
  12. Breaking news!!! Pvpranger has been spotted this weekend ravaging the countryside for hotdogs!!!
  13. I have spammed heroic tower and everyones getting 0. Should we be seeing no def spheres for our time and money. Just wondering if it's a bug or planned this way purposefully.
  14. Rokzz

    Mcoin popups

    This has happened to me to many times to count. Unfortunetly half of them were from lag after arena and you click the ok button. The problem is you dont see that its now the buy option. I think that its very miss leading and to make it even worse I have never even recieved a response out of all the emails i sent to them over the course of YEARS. Not even a sorry thats just how it is. The only part I dont understand is once you have purchased the mcoins, it does not matter to them how you spend them which leads my to my only conclusion. They want you to spend them faster so you buy more sooner and thats both greedy and scary.
  15. Idk who wins the competition of credit cards going on in pvp cave but I always have been and always will be the #1 elf killer. Nobody can amp my 4+ years away from me.
  16. I think most of what gets locked or deleted is just to keep things organized. If that makes any sence.
  17. Couldn't said better meself!
  18. So to all the people saying stop crying does this mean you think I should have my shaman skill quake unerfed as well as the lightning ball? :dirol:
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