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  1. I think i will just hack this game to be more rich ingame than hassn let the 011001011 begin
  2. Fail update for Emerald server AoA keeps winning all tournaments because they got Hassn who got unlimited mcoin supply without Hassn mc guilds would suck hard elfs got like 5 top guilds but mcs only got Hassn lol... So until Hassn quits or dies AoA will get better and better with each update that gives AoA access to top gear So even if Hassn leaves rest AoA members will have top gear thanks to Hassn Its funny cause in map 2 i can hold my own against 17-20 lvl mcs with my 15 lvl druid with +6 staff :D True skill>+10 rich no brains Anyway gm check peoples opinions 80% of players dont like this update and elf chat in emerald is filled with spam atm everybody wants to protest/quit/troll because this update is exclusive to AoA :D Its sad that im a European and some rich Arab kid is spoiling my european server Oh wait money buys everything...
  3. Nice costume but after update game crashes for many people
  4. Astral Doom

    Forest Song

    This skill is OP if you know how to use it :D
  5. Game crashed when i crossed the map to enter the place in firstborn island where you have to do the quest with a big tree where 300-400 hp wolves are near it (you get the quest after doing the quest where you collect wolves claws and skulls, 3 diamonds or wolf leader im not sure which one) Anyway when i restarted the game i chose my 8 lvl druid and when the game connects my game crashes :( Cant log to my hero now I had plans to lvl up to 11 today now i have to wait until this gets fixed :( Before todays update i had no crashes visiting that area Im on Android btw i saw many people report crashes after this update pls fix ASAP My heros name is Astraldoom
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