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  1. Can't log my rouge many ppl keep on and off Other chars in same account work just fine pls fix this
  2. Russian one release while ago like 1h i guess
  3. Ppl thought rouge are pain get ready for Barbs nightmares
  4. They should make permanent top 10
  5. And tanks least couple PvE and expert skills updates were for tanks this one support tanks since routes can't tank unless high amp & +3healers and bd became a tank or on The way to be
  6. I'm sure there will be 4th kind of relics drop from dg and bosses So 3 relics type in mshop and 1 from dg and bosses only About skills it's different from one to another some skills only 2 some 3 some 4
  7. Muscles and brain ? You're talking to top pve rouge in us server In kronus dg 4 rouges 1 healer pt he makes 100k dmg more than 2nd top dmg rouges 1000-750 dmg Even if you have 700 dmg with that pve build you can never out dmg him Btw anyone uses brain knows that extra 7% atk spd for 10 sec is nothing also 51% dps doesn't mean you can even double your dmg out put specially With low accuracy and critical So please keep your hand off the keyboard till the update released
  8. Sign were 30k in us at that time
  9. Br server sign was 12k arena tic 15k+/ set dealer prices
  10. Haha 2h t3-4 7k+ / day. 2 days 1 set sign You can have a life and ws thx to gm
  11. Judging by the changes happened Choice no 9 has been applied with a modified pov sign now cost 12-14k on Mc side Us and I hear 9k on Eu Elf side full of mcoiners and it's 17k
  12. Maps already packed in apk or exe file What you have is connections problem everyone has them They used give players immunity vs mobs when log in but things changed over time Btw 10 not too much I stopped counting when reached 50 that was 3 years ago hahaha
  13. 200 set Sell it in NPC and buy new one My friend+9 staff 20 set total I was +7>+8 4set only
  14. Solidity based on enchantment and Physical def yet its still give low % mostly casters are the one who suffer the most of this system and light armored It's just so low solidity against high critical chance and high dmg 300+/- at critical 600+/- its high dmg to receive Add solidity to magic def at same rate of physical defense Example: 2k physical def give 5% solidity 2k mdef should give the same % Btw 4.1k def give you 5.6% soild or something like that its low
  15. Rouge poison is 3 tics Time to revive sham Thats just a freaking major nerf for a dmg class idk if rouge still a dmg class after this with 2 dmg skills only
  16. Lol post from 2014 why necroposting it Anyway players have been asking for new wep type but last addition was with forsaken and chosen island Someone please lock this post
  17. +2 lvl from required lvl for dg get drops already
  18. I think they should have dmg sphere drop rate as lowest quality relics Energy ess drop rate for Unique ones
  19. Haha already misunderstood. I guess i gotta watch and learn
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