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  1. If so increase the Valdemar boss hp in us server that poor thing dies in 45 sec !!! 45 its impossible to obtain the chest if it dies in 45 sec and I'm supposed to be in that area for 30 sec plus in wedgehead there is always terrible lag because of the huge number of elf participants ( well i can say last time i checked participating number it was 95% elf or something close to that number)
  2. Different skills used The first used on dmg skill like blow or merc The 2nd work on argo debuff and shield like necro shield and roar
  3. Its broken I have it and other relic 10% on same skill The other offensive relic works perfectly and that relic never worked And 10% chance is low unless it last for 30-50 sec because skills thats used on are 15-10 sec interval So 10sec active time and and 10% active chance is bullshit Fix pls i say again this relic never work used for 2 days Test rate 0:25 for the other offensive relic
  4. it does disappear after skill use But last for 7 sec if no use
  5. What is the right description for it ? Since you guys haven't fixed yet
  6. You will just do it like the old way look how much his wep shine and now looking at gear is important I mean imagine going with fulll arena set tank to dg
  7. Someone got a drop in last minute before shutdown haha some lucky bastard
  8. "Is it true that Valdemar was married six times and that all his wives mysteriously disappeared?" Hmm... Next question! "It is said that Valdemar is the most powerful vampire in Arinar, is that so?" No comments, next! "What do you know about the Judgement Night tractate and the prophesy mentioned there? It it true that it predicts the quick failure of all Valdemar's plans?" That's it! No more questions
  9. I once farmed the NPC ( gear seller in nadir up) for drops they should give them special crowns
  10. Why don't we remove skills and everything that has been worked on for last years and we all get high amp we and hit each other normal hits till someone die
  11. No they don't and if you got a def sphere you can come and brag
  12. Aggression system for baits Baits mobs run after healers even if the didn't do anything Usually they go for healers even if I did 10k dmg to quest mini boss
  13. 1st There was a defensive relic ( as i remember ) that increases aggression bonuses buy 50% this relic was used on taunt skills for tanks I don't see it anymore 2 nd My rouge can spam all skills that i use (5 dmg skills) and healer uses 1 heal skill 2-4 mobs go and atk him ( same way with tanks ) In dg technopolis easy 1 dk uses all his skills ( death call included) and sham use heal , heal totam and earth protection and sham die first So I'm wondering when you guys realises that your joke about increasing heal skills aggression bonus alot more than other skills isnt funny at all Btw i want to report that warlocks dark pool ( does dot dmg) only affects 3 npc targets ( pve ) which should be unlimited pve target if i remember it well
  14. Argo system is shit so far only good vs bosses I done t4 and that's how it was for my sham Barb dk rouge sham and necro Boss usually attracted to tanks how ever if boss + mobs mobs atk healers not rogue not tanks ( tanks should get all argo why only the target they atk get argo to tank not other mobs and if healer use heal get argo ) Baits lunch and run after healers even if i didn't heal or used a damn skill and when pt atk bait mobs still go after healer ( i just used eq heal and totam and mobs run after me across the map ) During running if someone in my pt attract a mobs and i use heal mobs run after me i mean seriously i basically heal before cross to avoid this stupidity
  15. Locks are debuff masters Also defensive relic require skills that are self casted ( effect that applies for user char Ex: dodge self casted heal and some other skill which don't follow the rule) Basically all warlock relics are offensive same as lock skills the 2nd relic slot is for empowerment relics You can buy them from dealer in the current time
  16. seems they depend on your lvl Someone got common relic from t3 Ayv bosses
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