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  1. recently pvp cave became a ganking area any on come and kill . new Pvp system only applied on a specific area ex: player 1 vs player 2 player 1 request pvp from player 2 and player 2 have the choice to accept or refuse they both start pvp in same area their skills don't affect other pvps (shaman ,warlock , pala and mage multi hit and stun skills) (bd skill always bug my in pvp cuz someone use it for fun or in a pvp ) some ppl go in pt and pvp using other classes skills (pala and priste skills ) u can't share it in a pvp . that all i got for now 8) still need upgrade or something like that :-[
  2. survival won't come until new map (if lvl cap go 24 as a start ) it will be acceptable don't forget (the unique lvl 20 should be full bounds ) and i still didn't saw lvl 20 heroic armor sets survival drops should be useful for new map + i make clear it must worth it
  3. hmm interesting idea but i have a few twixs : Waves mode look great , time limit not so much + waves mode will be with time limit each wave in a specific time each wave is group of minibosses and a boss (each different dmg from the other for ex: boss magic dmg / mobs physical dmg ) so no one do defense set change , each wave group with a lvl and boss +1 lvl (start from lvl 18 and make it up to lvl 23 so it will be 6 waves ) only who survive wave 6 put on world chat , mobs skill must be a different each wave so no one go pt priste or necro . and apply rewards selection cuz no one will go if wave 6 and u get a pot . u can put a rare drop in between rewards and that worth ex: lvl 20 ice queen set repeat it should be rare (7.5% instead of 5% , there must be a different ) sry my eng is bad :-( that is survival 8)
  4. Bdsc

    kindest player

    BCX I KNOW U AS GREAT PLAYER BUT FROM THE OTHER SIDE U DONT remember who did u helped :blush: ;D
  5. Anyone remember the Warspear Online Infographic post i was just on a war before update and i have 1 issue ELF vs MC percentage = 54% : 46% in post :clapping: feel good huh ;) idk what was wrong but the wasn't the true percentage it was like 80% vs 15% :wacko: :shok: i wish i know where the other 5% went :bad: elf rule us server because they are many
  6. I SOLO all cl bosses up to gg :blush: GG WAS HARD in the last 7k hp :crazy: 243 heal 2.4k def lvl 18 need 2.7 def and 250 heal to solo :aggressive:
  7. BYE DEMO :blush: A NEW AGE HAS CAME :drinks: :yahoo: SNORLAR
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