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  1. Yeah I usually tell that to anyone who ask for help but that kills the game for them
  2. they wont do it. they wont remove any of the added wep skills from any class Ask for a dmg and def nerf better #Make them soft
  3. I saw few players talking about this issue and i was inspired to give my suggestion It's simply a Menu that allow new players to request assistance for completing 1 quest per time. HOW IT Works: Basically New player have some difficult time completing a quest ( either because its hard for their hero or they don't understand how to do it ) New player opens his quest menu and choose the quest which he have a problem with and click on " Ask for help". Then a request window open for him containing the following : - Quest / Quest name: shows the quest and which map its related to - Prefered Language: this option allow players from different languages to reach each other easily and the list will only have the 5 Languages supported in game client [ English, Spanish, Russian, etc...] - Class: this would allow the players to choose compatible class to get the quest done. Ex: New player plays Barbarian and Helper's class is Shaman and they quest is to kill a mini boss or a boss this is better than Barbian and Rogue. - Fees: an amount of gold with the New player have to pay to complete his request ( I would personally suggest something like 500g for Starting maps and 1k for Irselnort - The Ash Coast and 3-4k for Ayvondil - The Eternal Forest. - Number of available Requests/ Time left for Request to recharge: This should be 1 request per day and you can add more requests with few mcoins. and then New Player waits till someone accept to help him. As for Helpers They will have their own "Aid System Menu" which contain 2 Options: "Ask for Help" or "Offer Aid". Offer Aid: this will open a list of published requests from which he can see: Quest Name( and all related info like map and quest's dialog) - New Player (his class - level and if he is online or not - and his location on the map) - Reward ( yeah ofc there will be a reward ) - preferred language Once the Helper Accept a request he is automatically teleported to the New player's location and they try to complete the quest, and once the quest is done the Helper is teleported back to the town in which he had his statue activated ( My statue activated in Ayvondil town 3 and I helped in a quest at Irselnort when the quest is reported im teleported back to Ayvondil town 3 even if i was not standing in it) this is how it should basically work However there are limitation - you have total of 5 requests per day even with miracle coins, 1 request = 1 quest done, you can only have 1 request posted per time - only main story quests are allowed to be added in a request and not all of them - dungeon quests and special events quests aren't allowed to be added in a request - the current posted request will only disappear in one of these cases ( if the player is offline for 5 min or more then the quest will be temporarily unavailable until the player relogs - if the quest has been completed by the New player either by himself or a Helper's aid - if the New player posted another request then the new request will replace the old one - the player has been offline for 24 hour ) - Helper's Level should be not above the New player's level by 5 ( New player's level : Helper's level / 10 : 15 / 15 : 20 / 17 : 22 ) unless the request have been posted for more than 30min or 1h then the lvl cap is increased or removed. Personal note: I've been playing this game for many years and I know that most suggestions aren't considered in improving the game and the few which are they takes 2-3 years to implement but i'm hoping that this post inspire the dev to address the issue .
  4. It's already being implemented but in a different way.
  5. 600 is nothing I had 600 at some point of my rogue's life but compared to having 1000 it's nothing I think because mostly rogues skills are average. You can't buy a skill and keep at 1/4 and expect it to be good I don't use lvl 1/4 expert skill except poison because it didn't make any difference if you lvl it up before this update and using any other skill would be a waste of Mana and 2 sec CD so that's why rogues seems to be weaker at high lvls Also I'm used to record the highest dmg in almost any dg run ( even with 3-5 dmgs in the party ) except for few cases so rogue is currently the highest dmg dealer in mc side Hunters are good dmgers but they can't beat rogues unless they have higher amp or better suited build for the dg Also stay away from atk speed builds for rogues
  6. Bdsc


    Dmg and number if targets increase At 4/4 dmg is around 85%-90% of your original dmg Target from 3-6 1/4-4/4 and you can look at update posts to confirm the number
  7. @Mewingdrip is totally right, I've played barb for a little while but I was never "pro" at it and it difficult to handle barb compared to other classes I just wanted to clear few points - no class can make more than 2 expert skills at the same time. So Barbs can only have max defeat and skin or skin and combat and so on. - Defeat CD is 22 sec now and I think it's dmg was reduced but not sure - last wish doesn't work all the time (not because it has a fail rate it just doesn't active say before your hp 300 so a 320 hit would kill you instantly ) btw it now works at 12% of your hp at 1/4 - Combat fury (free pot ?! Lol ) have 40 sec CD and at 4/4 heal 25% hp and 15% dmg buff - I don't think barbarian nature ( resistance skill) works 10s at 1/4 I think it was 6 sec - [Tested] 1h lvl 25 +10 mace do 1134 on naked heros - In the videos which everyone is talking about low dmg and all. Ela hit shams - necros and rogues 1300-1700 Normal hit - The lowest dmg I've ever seen a pro bd hit was 888 and that was on +10 40% resilience sham with max Earth protection - Druids don't use reflection runes so they don't cancel their forest song true and that's a disadvantage vs barbs. - Even tho they might not use in pvp but still use in arena. Druid like any other healer can use ( Healing potion which boost their healing by 60% ) we are talking about 800 heal per tic and 1600 on critical. So don't say anything without being able to back it up. @Man @Spanish
  8. This was the 3rd time this happened to me All of a sudden game should poor connection sign then reconnect and when it connects my skill bars is empty ( I put the stealth skill manually ) I'm not sure if it's a bug
  9. I'm going with second option for druid Even if barbarian actually hit you 2000 druids can have up to 5k hp and anti melee stuns so that's why it's option 2 I saw dk +10 arena spear 27 and he didn't pass 1150 There is a reason why no one play Barb 2h wep
  10. I think in pve dps build aren't strong enough If you have high dps gear you probably don't have enough accuracy and almost no critical Hunters pve can be dps build but they can't beat rogues in dmg because rogues have higher dmg and faster CD skills.
  11. Bdsc

    Sinister Strike

    At 4/4 2 rogues can cycle it none stop if this would be of importance
  12. my rogue is mainly focused on pve for pve you will need to focus on critical - accuracy and pent and life steal and max your dmg skills with low cd mostly i deal highest dmg in my pt in dgs with my build and it goes will in solo if you're amp high enough , also don't forget lifesteal the more the better if you want pvp first i think you should play another class for that but if you insist on rogues then you should max dodge and resilience. but don't expect much from rogues at pvp
  13. I don't even know where to start... ok l'm gonna ignore every fantasy thing you said in the end, second here are some important info you seemed to miss -ricochet and steel fury don't use daggers anymore. It's been like 300 years since that - there are potions that allow anyone and any class to see stealth heros - every class has anti rogue- seeker tactic - if dps is your thing then you're playing the wrong class ( and game ) - if you have +7 gear then you better have dmg accessories or you're useless - pvp for rogues is dodge based and thx to point 2 it doesn't matter anymore - pve for rogues you need as many guild buffs as you can get and don't go dps build they never work - frenzy isn't a real skill its active time is a joke and the effect is even a worst joke I don't know when the last time you actually played rogue but you better just make another class
  14. True How many barbs dk or even rogues who hit 1.5k+ ?
  15. Bdsc

    Rogue Nation

    Yes And stun is useless if it's only 1 My only advice amp +9 ( if you're pvp make a dodge and arena build if pve make lifesteal critical accuracy and pent your main focus ) If you feel like playing a weak class then it's better to switch to the current op class if you have the funds
  16. It was 50% at 4/4 but it was reduced to 35% after many ppl complain about it and you can confirm that at update posts I said it's 12% in my post but it's limited to 1 heal per sec which is why you can kill warden after update
  17. I want to ask if you're considering to fix other skills soon or this would should be the last skill fix for now?
  18. I didn't say anything about the longer CD because it's not the main issue atm our problem is that the skill is useless even when it's activated But it's still activate at 35% of hp at 4/4 since the last change for skills
  19. I have one and it work but I still think it needs to be reviewed because it seems to fail sometimes
  20. Fun facts for ppl who argue about warden or Dk - Warden absorb 35% ( before it was 50% ) of incoming dmg with 100% chance - Dk absorb 37% of incoming dmg with 55% chance - Warden now heal 12% of his hp per sec ( new limit ) which is a fair Nerf ( since warden now can't solo other parties Or be immortal like before ) - Dk reserve now heal 400-800 each 2 sec ( depending on your hp reg and mainly if you have HP Reg Guild buff ) and there is no def buff ( That was really important part of the skill because your heal doesn't mean much if you still receive high dmg) Ok so why dk are complaining alot now ? Any pro dk would never completely rely on reserve everytime he kill something Almost every mob have pent % now Really? Yes. Does it actually make difference? You tell me ~ 8,000 def = 55% / 10,000 def = 60% Lvl 28 mobs ( common lvl / Blue crown ๐Ÿ‘‘ ) have 8.5% pent Lvl 28 mobs ( uncommon lvl / Green crown ๐Ÿ‘‘ ) have 11,3% pent Lvl 28 mini bosses ( elite lvl / Yellow crown ๐Ÿ‘‘ ) have 16.3% pent Basically if you have 10k def and you try to do ( baits - Tp dg - mini bosses ) your actual def is going to be 6,000/7,000 which is like a +5-6 while you're wearing +9 lvl 26 great charm gear to get the 10k def and you lost the most important 2 supportive skills ( reserve and saturation ) Note: pent increase/ decrease 0.5% per lvl
  21. Still bugged even after they said they fixed it
  22. Any % based buff are collective 1000 + 10% = 1100 If you add 25% it will be 1000 + 35% not 1100 + 25% Hope this explains it
  23. Dk reserve 1- It doesn't increase def points anymore and there wasn't anything posted regarding changing that aspect of the skill
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